Baked Lemon Chicken Thighs

Baked Lemon Chicken Thighs
of the time my weekends are working. I don’t know why, perhaps I just
got used to it; Testing recipes, photoshoots and editing are just part
of my Saturday and Sunday.
blogging got a little bit more serious for me, my social life went
down the drain. I simply don’t have the time, so I take walks/hikes
almost every day, mostly to de-stress from basically everything, and
it’s usually with my hubby aka drill Sargent or friend of mine. I also love reading in
my free time, either mysteries or books with Lil’ romance, and of
course cookbooks, how could I ever forget cookbooks… But there are
so many other things that I do to relax, like listening to music and
dancing/singing like nobody’s watching, driving, meditating, shopping
etc. When I say meditating, I mean sleeping. That puts me right to sleep. 
Chicken… Don’t you just love the aroma when chicken is baking with
little lemon flavor? I love it!
anything that is baking in the oven is totally my thing. Not sayin’
that I hate fried food, but I tend to stay away from it as much as I
can… Did you see that–> “I tend”? Yes, indeed! It
makes me cry that everything that tastes soo, so good, is equally so
bad for us.
this time I stripped the chicken naked and it doesn’t have as much
fat as when you are baking it with the skin. Now, I DO love that
crispy chicken skin, but you know summer is coming, very unpleasant
swimming-suit season, so I have to get out of that comfort zone and
think of my hips, people. So, no crispy skin!
wanted to say that I get a lot of questions where did I get Thai
Sriracha Sea Salt?! So, for all of you Sriracha lovers, visit my
friends, Reese and Mark’s online store “Season with Spice
and grab it because the taste is absolutely fantastic. You can use it
on so many things like eggs, poultry, fish, meat, veggies etc. so
make sure to check it out. Plus, you can be inspired by their awesome
recipes, too.
Lemon Chicken Thighs
  • 8
    Chicken Thighs, skin off (add more per serving)
  • 1
    large Lemon, sliced
  • Thai
    Sriracha Sea Salt (to taste) /few sprinkles on each thigh

and Marinade:

  • 1
    Tbsp. Weber Garlic and Herb Seasoning (it contains sodium)
  • 1/2
    tsp. Dried Rosemary (1 tsp. if fresh)
  • 1
    tsp. Lemon Zest
  • Juice
    from 1/2 Lemon
  • 1/2
    Onion, sliced
  • 1
    tsp. Garlic, minced
  • 1/2
    tsp. Ground Black Pepper (or more)
  • 2
    Tbsp. Oil

Baked Lemon Chicken Thighs

  1. Wash
    all the chicken thighs and take the skin off, and cut the fat if any.
  2. Mix
    all the ingredients for the rub/marinade(chop/mince/cut as directed
    in the ingredient list)
  3. Place
    chicken thighs in the larger bowl and add rub/marinade. Rub the
    marinade until every piece of chicken is well coated.
  4. Allow
    chicken to marinade for at least 30 minutes (and up to 2 hrs).
  5. Preheat
    the oven at 375-400 degrees Fahrenheit, depending your oven.
  6. Lightly
    grease/or spray baking dish and put chicken, then pour all over the
    chicken marinade. Slice lemon into thin slices and place one slice
    on top of each piece of chicken. Sprinkle Sriracha Sea Salt on top.
  7. Bake
    for 40-50 minutes or until chicken thigh’s internal temperature
    reaches at least 165 degrees.
  8. Let
    it rest for 5-7 minutes before serving. You may use oil from baking
    and drizzle over thighs before serving.
  9. Serve
    it over rice, potatoes, or just with a salad.

meat such as thighs, or legs work well with this recipe. Chicken
breast might get too dry. You can also use chicken quarters, wings etc. You can keep the skin on or off. It’s really up to you! 
can definitely use your favorite spices, but one of my personal
favorites is “Weber” brand, and I use it a lot in many
dishes even on my focaccia, pizza, sauces etc.
Baked Lemon Chicken Thighs
Baked Lemon Chicken Thighs
Picture UPDATED 2015* Chicken quarters were cooked with the skin on. It was crunchy and delicious, served with roasted sweet peppers and red potatoes, as well as with Irish Corn Soda Bread. Instead of the store bought spice blend I used Only my RUB without any other seasoning. Check the recipe here. 
Marinate that I used this time: my spicy rub, rosemary, oil, lemon zest and juice.

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