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Hello, Sandra’s Easy Cooking Peeps,

You landed on the page “about me, and my blog.” Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy reading all about me! by Sandra Mihic


I started Sandra’s Easy Cooking in September 2010. I wanted to show how easy it is to prepare healthy and balanced home-cooked meals and enjoy quality time with the family. I focus on budget-friendly recipes that are very easy for anyone to prepare.

I started this for fun, but I noticed that it could be more than just fun or a hobby a year into it. I sat and learned about anything and everything there is to know about blogging, from coding, marketing, advertising, photography, cooking, writing, etc. I want to have fun and genuinely enjoy what I do. I do not allow my business to run me because I run my business the way I want. Perpahs I will never succeed in a manner that we call a real success, especially some of my blogging collages, but that is my choice.

Soon after, it became my full-time job, where I dedicated the first three-plus years working like a madwoman, 12-14 hours every day. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. 7 days a week.

It became a HUGE part of my life, my routine, plus I have a supportive and understanding family, so I’ll blog until I feel I have the strive to inspire and passion for continuing to do what makes me happy.

Now I sound like I’ve been doing this for 25 years, and I am ready to retire.

Do not get me wrong; I am still working every day. I am working on different things connected to my blog, such as maintaining, updating, and re-shooting old pics from years when I started blogging or re-writing poorly written content many times.

I love working with brands as their ambassador.

I feel like I can be that voice, and to be quite frank, it feels incredible. I love my job and this digital world where we can connect with people in a second.

On the other note, I have never worked with brands that I haven’t used before, so I give my recipe, opinion, and a voice and still stay true to myself, you know. That’s very important to me to stay who I am regardless.

I use social media a LOT, especially Pinterest and Instagram, every day, and I love being part of this fantastic food blogging community.

It is such a supportive community, but it is a tad competitive too, so don’t get discouraged if you are at the moment not doing well as someone else!

We are all unique in our way. So, look into ways to change, get your voice out, and offer something even more remarkable.

Here on my BLOG, you can find over 600 recipes from worldwide, and I do everything. I take pride in what I do daily.

I enjoy the Cooking and Photography part creating something out of nothing and sharing it with people around the globe.

I eat and cook many Asian-influenced meals for my family because we love the flavors. However, any cuisine is very much welcome.

Generally speaking, I was never a picky eater, so food represents comfort and enjoyment to my children and me.

I want them to grow up eating and experiencing different aromas, textures, and flavors, so the point of my blog, my deepest wish is that you can feel the passion and love that I have, and for you to see that my blog spread the love of food from all over the world.

We do not need to limit ourselves and only cook what we are comfortable cooking and eating, but I encourage you to experiment and see what else is out there that you might like.

Cooking is a form of art, in my opinion. Some people love to follow the recipe, and that’s fine, but when I don’t use a recipe for my blog, I do not measure anything. All my meals come from the heart, using all my senses.

The crucial thing is to TASTE your food and go with your taste buds regardless of the recipe.

This blog allowed me to work with great brands, agencies, and companies, and I will be forever grateful for that blessing in my life. One piece of advice that I could give to a new blogger:

1. Stay true to yourself! Meaning: Do not promote your blog for $10, $20, or whatever and ruin your reputation. Don’t sell yourself cheap because you are worth more than that. Stay in your niche, and work with brands that you enjoy.

2. Do not rush, or you will get burned. Nothing comes overnight, and do not expect a herd of people to go to your blog right away. It takes time. Trust me!

3. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed: Take a break, pause, recharge, and continue. Our readers and followers will wait for you and welcome you back with open arms.

4. Learn, learn, learn… How do you accomplish something, complete tasks on your own? Lesson learned!

Let me tell you the downside: NOT ONE BLOGGER will tell you everything; how much they earn, how they migrated from Blogger to WordPress, which networks they are working with, and so on… Believe in yourself and learn about everything if you wish to continue to become a successful blogger.

5. Last but not least: The picture is worth 1000 words, as they say. Learn about photography food styling, especially if you are a food blogger. There are so many excellent sources. Investing your time is necessary to be successful.

Sandra Mihic Photography

Copyright of Sandra Mihic


Photography is something that I loved my whole life. I wanted to pursue it as a career when I was much younger, but I was discouraged and just gave up. NEVER give up people, no matter what they tell you.

If you have a burning desire or passion, go for it no matter what it is. I’ve continued to keep my love alive, and I am so glad that I did. I call myself a photographer who is always learning more to become better.

I told myself even if I did not earn a penny from it, even if it did not get me anywhere, I would still do it because I love it that much. I take pictures of food, animals, people, nature, etc., every day. It makes me feel like I am doing something for myself, makes me calm, makes me happy, and completes me.

I just like sharing photographs, especially when they look like art.

I started this food blogging journey with Sony NEX 3 with 55-200mm, 55-210mm, and 18-55mm lens, then upgraded from 18-55mm when I first started to 55-200.


Check out my Photography and Gear Amazon Store

In 2014, I started using a Canon EOS 60D with several different lenses and a Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera. Also, I have been enjoying iPhone 8 plus cam very much, so lately, I am using it on my Insta.

Pictures on my blog are all done mostly under natural light with photo/silver reflectors that balance the light and give you a more realistic picture.

However, lighting equipment is necessary from time to time, especially on those dark, gloomy days. For the editing, I am pretty satisfied with Lightroom.

Sandra Mihic Photography

Copyright of Sandra Mihic

About ME 

To a certain point…

It is only appropriate that I update the “about” page. Many things have changed in the last ten years since I started this blog. I have changed, grown up a little, and realized my views about who I was and who I am becoming clearer.

Where to start is the question? I could write a novel about myself and my life. Narrowing 40 plus years down to a short paragraph is extremely difficult. I love writing but hate talking about myself but as you can see I opened up a bit so you can get to know me a bit better.

Since I am the most private person, with a hint of shyness, this is truly hard. Let’s go!

Smile is the best medicine.

I came to the USA in 1998, former Yugoslavia. I can only say LIFE is GOOD because it gave me a new family, it gave me amazing kids, new chapters, and an adventurous journey to look forward to every day.

I had a big dream when I was a kid; on the other hand, I was always a dreamer. I lived in many places moved many times, but in the end, I have not seen the world just yet with my open eyes.

Belgrade was and still is in my heart, and it will always be there even though I haven’t been back for over 23 years. If I go back, I might stay.

That being said, I have always been that new girl, not very popular, dressed in baggy dark clothes and cheap converse, and I loved to blend in like a chameleon.

I really, genuinely dislike social gatherings. I never felt comfortable mingling with people, especially people I had never met before. I tried!

I am never bored being by myself. I am a lone wolf!

Which, in a way, makes me a “weirdo.” I am not a complete introvert, but I am not far off, and that is okay as long as you accept yourself for who you are and be happy.


Copyright of Sandra Mihic


My kids are my world; I live for them.

I believe that I have done a pretty good job so far. However, my husband is there to give me a push when the push is needed, helping me in every way, supporting and encouraging.

We also adopted Luna, Tabby, and Nala, The Chantilly-Tiffany. They are my fur babies who hate each other most of the time. Recently (Jan. 2022), we adapter an older stray cat and we believe she is also long-haired The Chantilly-Tiffany. I took her to the Vet, she got shots and check-ups, and Roxy Bean is our kitty now. I just couldn’t let her go.

  • I cannot live without music. Ever since I was little, maybe five or six years old, my radio was turned on all day, and many nights, now I carry my iPhone everywhere, of course. Hello Spotify and iHeart Radio!!! Music sounds from my old radio woke me up and put me to sleep. Then MTV came into my neck of the woods, and I was glued to the TV. I am a shower singer, if you know what I mean, but if I am being honest, which I am, I DO NOT have singing talent whatsoever. I sing for my soul, so who gives a shit, right?! A joke on the side (it is not a joke, though), music is my therapy, it is healing my heart and soul, so I need that fix daily. My playlist on Spotify.
  • I am a shy person in general. I often confuse myself when I talk, but that is only when somebody cuts me halfway into the sentence and tells me, “pardon me or excuse me,” squinting their eyes as they do not understand. You know what I mean, right?! I have an accent, alright, and I can get self-conscious, but that does not mean I cannot understand or speak because I have been studying ENG since 4th grade. So when a person does not want even to attempt to know what I am saying, I see red, and all I want to do is either punch them in the face or turn around and walk away.
  • I will take a coffee over any alcoholic drink. However, I love TEA and my peaceful me time.
  • When I was younger, I gave my whole self to everyone; however, when I hit the late 30s and my 40s, I realized I am a much happier person, a better mother, and a friend when I take some time for myself. Self-Care is essential to me!
  • I love pencil drawing, especially portraits. I think I have gotten rusty over the years since I had kids.
  • I love, love old muscle cars and Harley-Davidsons’. Honestly, I am terrified, but a low, deep-throated vibrational roar of Harley on the street gives me all the feels.
  • I am a bookworm, and yes, I am a history, philosophy, and psychology junkie. I opened a bookstagram account just for books and recently Pinterest as well. You can find me under Mug Of Reality. My kids and friends won’t let me change it into a more bookish name because Mug Of Reality sounds like me?!!
  • Favorite dishes? It is hard to pick because I love food and am pretty much open to tasting anything. However, Korean and Italian cuisines are my favorite. Mix them, and it is like HEAVEN on earth. I am truly more of a savory lover… think charcuterie board! Yeah! That’s my happy place.
  • I have been cooking for 20 plus years—pretty much more than half of my life. I still stand behind that homemade meals are the best meals, and it takes you 30-40 minutes to make that magic in your kitchen.
  • Favorite dessert? You bring Nutella and PB, and I will get the spoon. Ahem, BIG scoops. But real dessert, HM! I could never pass on a creamy pie; coconut, banana, etc.!:)
  • I do not talk about religion, and there is no point because my views and beliefs are no one’s business. I educated myself enough regarding this subject, so I respect religious people. No, I am not religious, but a spiritual human! There is a difference!
  • I was never, ever ass kisser to become somebody or be noticed, and I will never become one as long as I live. If somebody likes me for me, for what I do, for what I have to say, and for who I am, I will accept it, but I would never purposely ask for attention.
  • One big thing for me is that If I can do it by myself, I will do it; if not, I will learn until I improve.

This brings us, kids, to the end; however, it is never the end with me; I keep adding and deleting as I think of something else. This is quite a lot for somebody who hates talking about herself, but it might answer some of your questions about who I AM. THIS is who I am; take it or leave it.

I am a strong believer in Karma, so treat others like you’d like to be treated because KARMA is a bitch only if you are. Also, never let dreams chase you. Instead, chase after your dream. In all seriousness, if one door closes, the other one will open. Be happy, keep smiling and enjoy life. Because being unhappy is not worth it. Take care; thank you for reading and all your support.




Please, keep in mind that I am working hard to test these recipes and shoot my images. Please, do ask before taking the pics from my BLOG. Always credit back if you are going to post on your website. We can find out most of the time. Copying and Plagiarizing is NEVER EVER OKAY in my book, so I will take everything in my power to bring down a person that steel and never give credit to the rightful owner. Being inspired and plagiarizing might seem similar, but you must know that there is a fine line between being inspired and copying somebody’s work. If you do not know the difference please educate yourself. I am not trying to offend anyone, just please read about it!

Thank you very much; I appreciate your understanding!

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