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Phyllo Triangles Stuffed with Cheese

Phyllo Triangles Stuffed with Cheese is a fantastic appetizer, party food, or you could just eat it as a snack. I grew up eating this tasty treat just stuffed with cow cheese mixed with eggs, then stuffed in the homemade dough. Many of you call this one Greek Tiropitas. However, people from the country that …

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Oven-Roasted Thai Cauliflower Steaks

When I think about cauliflower, many dishes come to my mind, but deep fried, pickled, or raw were my favorite ways to eat this power vegetable. To include cooked cauliflower in our diet often I started to roast it. Making them with different flavors just like you would find potato chips with so many varieties. …

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Serbian Breaded Rolled Cutlet

This breaded cutlet or schnitzel is a quite popular dish in Serbia and around the world. It is also called Karadjordjeva schnitzel. It is named after a prince Karadjordje, also known as Black George. This was created by a Yugoslavian president’s personal chef for nearly a quarter of the century (1956-1980). Chef of many prestigious …

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