Pineapple Banana Tofu Smoothie

Pineapple Banana Tofu Smoothie

Starting the new year with one smoothie a day is not a bad beginning. I like it even more that my kids are now old enough to make their favorite smoothie combination by themselves. They have been making smoothies for a few years, even my youngest one got into making them, and that means so much to me because it is really, really hard to get 8 year old to eat healthy. This way not only that he drinks it, but he is so proud when he gives us to try his creation. 
It’s a great way to intake pure nutrition, especially first thing in the morning. We love food, and we eat all kinds of dishes fatty and non fatty so this year I really wanted my family to include smoothies in their daily morning routine. It is most definitely better than taking pharmaceutical vitamins, plus much tastier. 

I don’t think there is a smoothie that I haven’t liked, but wanted to try this combo and it was very good. Of course, we all have our preferences so I will post more smoothies for you to try. In a meantime, check already posted Strawberry-Banana, and Berrylicious smoothie.

In case of tofu concern, I know that some of you might think it’s disgusting, but in contrary you can’t taste it at all. You just have to get yourself, preferably organic Soft/Silken Tofu, which is available in almost all grocery markets. I got one that I assume most have in their store and that I use for all my tofu smoothie, which is Nasoya USDA Organic, non gmo, no preservatives, gluten free Silken Tofu and this one are perfect for smoothies. Read more about Gluten Free Tofu … Great info

Pineapple Banana Tofu Smoothie

Pineapple Banana Tofu Smoothie
Makes 1 Smoothie

  • 2/3 cup (157g) Soft/Silken Tofu
  • 5 FL ounces (1.5 dl.) water
  • 1 medium banana
  • 1/2 cup (118g) Pineapple (fresh) 
Pineapple Banana Tofu Smoothie


  1. Place all the ingredients in the blender/food processor and let it combine until texture is smooth. I cut fruits into slices/chunks as well as tofu so it can fit better before blending it. 
  2. You can add ice, but use about 2.5FL Oz water or milk… Read notes below 
  3. Also protein powder boosts/supplements if you prefer could be added as well as flaxseeds etc. 
  • This makes 2 cups of smoothie. You can split it if you are willing to share. 
  • If you do not like tofu or do not have any add almond milk, soy milk or coconut milk if you want vegan, Lactose-Free and non-dairy option, or regular (low fat) milk. However, if you will add milk, skip water. No need to add water, only 5 FL Oz of milk will be enough. 
  • I did NOT try it with canned pineapple. I think it will be fine to use it instead of fresh pineapple, and bit sweeter. You can even add a little bit of pineapple juice if you like sweeter smoothies. 
  • I did not add any sugar…it was sweet to me, but it’s up to you if you would like to add sweetener.  
Pineapple Banana Tofu Smoothie

Happy January! 
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