Lunch Box: Stuffed Bread

Lunch Box: Stuffed Bread

Hello lovely people!
Before Monday starts let me share one more yummy lunch box idea. It does takes little more time to make these stuffed bread rolls, but trust me they are so worth it. 
My kids…no, to correct myself,  my whole family and friends love this and it’s one of the favorite after-school snacks, lunches or even dinners with some salad on the side. 
They are perfect obviously for lunch boxes for school or work, but also fantastic to take on trips, potlucks and picnics. You can eat them hot right out of the oven (although it is too good and dangerous) or cold. 
You can of course pair it with anything that you have or like, but I added some radishes, English cucumber, and cherry tomatoes from my garden; And for the fruits: raspberries and blueberries that go perfectly well with strawberry yogurt smoothie. 
As for the roll itself I made two kinds, and again you can add what you have and like. We all love and it is one of the top ones that my family or friends always asking for, which is stuffed with sauteed ground beef, onions and garlic,  but you can be creative and add roast beef + cheese + peppers, ham + cheese, sauteed potatoes and onions, breakfast sausages + cheese + eggs, nutella etc. Possibilities are honestly endless. It is also convenient. 
It stores well in the fridge, you just need to preheat and eat; OR if you going to take it the next day just make sure to preheat for few minutes in the microwave, let it cool down to a room temp., then pack. 
You can roll it and make it like a stick looking or you can make a bun out of it…it’s your call!!!
See how easy that is…but wait there is more, just kidding! You can also use pizza dough from the store or make your own, like I do. 
Check out the RECIPE WITH A VIDEO for Stuffed Bread Rolls with Ground Beef and Onions…HERE….
For ham one I used: 1 Tbsp. Cream Cheese – room temp. (spread on the dough first) + 4 slices of thinly sliced Virginia Ham + Handful of Shredded Casserole cheese (taco cheese could be used as well, or any other) 
Lunch Box: Stuffed Bread #bento #lunchbox
Lunch Box: Stuffed Bread 
Makes 1 lunch box
  • 1 (about 10-12 inch) Stuffed Bread
  • Lettuce 
  • 3 Radish, sliced
  • 1/4 English cucumber, sliced 
  • Handful Cherry/or grape tomatoes
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Fruit Yogurt smoothie
Before I complete this post I feel that I do have to write about it in every of the lunch box posts for safety.

Q: What Box is safe for me and my child?
A: Look for the boxes that have a clear written label that they are BPA FREE just in case if they are plastic- 
BPA stands for bisphenol.  BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960’s.
Seeking out BPA-free products may not always be easy to do. Some manufacturers do label their products as BPA-free, but some do not. If a product isn’t labeled, keep in mind that most aluminum cans or bottles have linings that contain BPA, while steel bottles or cans do not. Polycarbonate plastic is generally hard, clear, lightweight plastic. It often has the No. 7 recycling symbol on the bottom. (source Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D.from Mayo-clinic)
My Bento Boxes are No. 5 PP/BMA FREE- but these cheaper ones that you can get in the grocery store are not safe to use in the microwave or to put hot meals in them, so you HAVE to let the food cool down BEFORE closing the LID. READ HERE about difference between recycling symbols on the bottom of your lunch boxes, bottles, etc.
No. 5 – PP
Ketchup bottle, a No. 5, may one day be a broom.
Ketchup and medicine bottles, PP, or polypropylene, fall under recycling category No. 5. Recycled through many curbside programs, PP has a high melting point, so it is chosen for containers that can hold hot liquid. Polypropylene can be recycled into signal lights, brooms, brushes, rakes, bins and pallet trays. 
Lunch Box: Stuffed Bread
Wishing you a FANTASTIC week ahead!!! 
Your friend,
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