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Organic Sirloin Steak with Salad

Organic Sirloin Steak with Salad

In my last post on the burgers, I said that I am enjoying Organic Beef. This is not your ordinary beef, this is coming from the Rocky Mountains where the livestock is feeding on a grass so you will have a healthy and delicious Organic beef to feed your family. I absolutely loved it. The meat is practically melting in your mouth, and it tastes really delicious. 

The recipe is really easy, I don't know if I should call it a recipe at all. 
Let me give you some tips and explain what I did. 
Get the steak out of the fridge and allow it to come up to room temperature about 30 minutes before cooking. You also need to make sure your skillet or even BBQ is very hot before you begin cooking the steak. 
During the cooking process try to make your steak medium rare or at least medium because you don't want chewy pieces of meat. Also, try to turn a couple of times during cooking so the meat could cook evenly on both sides. 
Last but not least, you have to leave your cooked steak to rest, grilled or pan fried. You may drizzle steak juices later when you serve it. It is very important for the steak to be juicy to allow it to rest for two or three minutes before slicing. 

                               LET'S STAY CONNECTED:

Sirloin steak is cut from the rear back portion of the animal. It is also very tender and has an amazing flavor. 
Here is the little about the "Rocky Mountain Organic Meat" from their website which I am hoping you will visit and get yourself an amazing Organic Meat:

"Rocky Mountain Organic Meats offers the finest Certified Organic grass-fed beef and grass-fed lamb in the country. All of our meats are 100% grass-fed and grass finished and come from the best cattle and sheep country the Rocky Mountains have to offer. Our livestock is raised the old-fashioned way; no steroids or growth hormones, no antibiotics, and no grain. Our only additives are clean water, lush grasses and fresh air resulting in lean and delicious organic grass-fed beef and lamb.  Only a leaner beef higher in Omega-3 fatty acids and raised the way nature intended is good enough for our family."

The internal temperature for a beef:

Steak           Remove from Grill at this Temperature Final Cooked   

Rare                                 130 to 135°F                               130 to 140°F
Medium Rare                         140°F                                          145°F
Medium                                  155°F                                          160°F
Well Done                              165°F                                           170°F

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia: An American Beef Cut

Organic Sirloin Steak with Salad
1 serving
  • Steak
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and ground black pepper to taste
  • Mixed baby greens, tomatoes, peppers 
  1. Rub the steak all over with olive oil and a good pinch of sea salt and black pepper.
  2. Add the steak to a hot pan or a skillet, then cook for 6 minutes for medium-rare, or to your liking, turning every minute.
  3. Once cooked to your liking, rest the steak for about 2-3 minutes on a plate so the juices would stay in. Reserve any juices that come out of the steak. Slice with a sharp steak knife, then serve with the juices drizzled on top. 
  4. Salad: Mix all the greens and vegetables that you will use. Make a dressing by mixing together 1 tbsp lemon juice, 2 pinches of salt, 3 tbsp. Olive oil and drizzle over the salad. Toss it all together and enjoy with your steak. 
You can also make a quick stir-fry or perhaps serve it with wedged potatoes

Organic Sirloin Steak with Salad



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  1. Sandra, Great post! When I cook meat for my men (husband and son) I make sure to get the best meat out there: grass fed and grass finished, natural and organic. I agree with you: it tastes better and it is better for your health knowing that no scientist behind the scene is doing a research on us with meat pumped with hormones, etc.

  2. Wow look at that pretty snow scene!! Yummy post Sandra!

  3. @Marina, Thank you sweetie..thank you for agreeing with me. I had a little lesson and learned that natural and organic are two different things..and this is Organic!:)

    @Katrina, Thank you hon, I am glad you liked the post!

  4. It may still be morning, but now I have a taste for STEAK! This looks like a mouthwatering piece of meat, Sandra. Wonderful job cooking it, and great tips for selecting the best cut!

  5. What a succulent piece of meat, yum! Love that you showed a photo of where the cut comes from. The photos of the finished dish just made my stomach rumble. Thanks for sharing Sandra, hope you're having a great day! =]

  6. Mmmm, does that look fantastic or what? Looks perfectly cooked and so delightful :)

  7. Oh Sandram this looks sooo salivating! Great!

  8. What a great post, this looks so delicious! There is nothing better than a great piece of steak! :)

  9. I was a vegetarian for 3 years and went back to eating meat JUST because of steak. There really is no replacement! Lovely post :)

  10. My husband will be knocking on your door for dinner. :) Really beautiful recipe. I love the snowy picture too... just gorgeous! Have a great week! ~ Ramona

  11. I'm not vegetarian...I'm just not big on beef. but this really does look good! lol! I'll check around in my area to see if I can find out where to get organic beef. I think it will be good to know. I believe you when you say it tastes better.

  12. Perfectly grilled steak Sandra! Wow, I haven't seen snow like that since I was in Hokkaido (Northern Island of Japan) 8 years ago. Since then I haven't seen snow like that at all! It's nice to have 4 seasons and I really miss it while my aging body says stay in California. Haha. Agree with the quality of organic beef. My grandpa owns a Teppanyaki style steak house and I'm VERY picky about the quality of meat!

  13. Draga Sandra,

    Uvijek nešto novo, zanimljivo i interesantno, odličan post!

    Lijep pozdrav:)

  14. OK, that looks amazing. I can just imagine how tender that beef was. Jealous! :)

  15. Switched to organic meats a few years ago - they are so flavorful - they need little fuss. It's the perfect simple meal! Enjoy the snow (did it last?)

  16. Love the winter wonderland picture. Great time to stay inside and enjoy some steak! Sirloin is usually the cut I eat of steak and yours looks tasty.

  17. @Pola, Thank you hon!

    @Georgia, Thank you so much for you comment! I tried my best to explain what is good quality meat!

    @Kym, I am so glad that you liked it and that the photo made your stomach rumble:)) Thank you!!!

    @Kiri, hehe thanks sweetie!!!

    @Tamara, I am glad you have some drooling going on LOL! Thank you!!!

    @Kelly, Yes, I have to agree nothing better if you pick right meat and cook it well!:) Thanks!!

  18. @Jackie, I can imagine what you were missing in those 3 years..but you are back on the steak so check the site and you will love their steak so much!!!!Thank you!!!

    @Ramona, are funny! Thank you hon!

    @Lyn, I am eating meat twice a week and I am so happy to have a products from this company..very very delicious beef!!! Thanks for stopping by!

    @Nami, Oh the snow melted after 2 hours and came out to be an amazing wouldn't even belive that I am sitting outside as I am typing this..very nice day even today! I am very pleased by this companies beef, and I would totally recommend for your family Nami since you are picky you will love it too!

    @Zondra, Hvala draga puno..pokusavam da napravim svaki post da bude interesantan, ukusan i sa informacijama..nadam se da uspevam u tome!:)

    @Firefoodie, Thank you very are only few clicks away and you won't be jealous anymore!:)

    @Claudia, Glad to hear that you on the Organic meet..yes it is less fuss and more flavor for sure! Thanks sweetie!

    @Tina, Yes it is very tender part and so delicious..Thank you very much!!

  19. What a beautiful steak--and I love the diagram, since I always forget which cut is which.

  20. That is a fabulous and delicious looking steak, Sandra! :) Wish I could taste it... And wow! That snow looks wild! Great post!

  21. My husband would dive into this with reckless abandon. It looks amazing!

  22. The snow and the beef are both gorgeous! Hope you got to enjoy it a little before it melted!

  23. @Cucina, Glad it is helpful to you! Thanks sweetie!

    @Marsha, Thank you hon, and snow was great for me to see when I opened my eyes..too bad it lasted only for few hours!:)

    @Sandra, hehe I bet he would!:)) Thank you!

    @Jen, Thank you and thank you:)) Snow melted! it was in the 50's after only few hours, sunshine and so dry like there was never snow falling..:)

  24. Oh my Sandra, the sirloin looks absolutely cooked to perfection. It looks juicy and tender too. I really love a simple sirloin steak served with fresh greens whenever the meat is a good cut and cooked absolutely perfectly. Simple and delish!!!
    Happy Cooking dear friend!! xoxo..

  25. Your steak looks perfectly cooked. I never realized what a difference what a cow eats in the quality and taste of the meat. I mentioned in my last post that most of the beef here comes from New Zealand and it tastes totally different from what you would get in the States. We've been told it's different grass that they eat that gives it such a distinctive taste. I'm with you, I never liked long winters. As far as I was concerned, I liked snow the day before Christmas and the day of. Hope you're having a great week!

  26. It look fantastic and your snow photo is stunning!

  27. Terrific looking steak, cooked perfectly!

  28. Your steak looks cooked to perfection! And I'm so glad you got the snow down south and we did not up here in Indiana. I'm ready for Spring!

  29. I love how everything is so perfectly proportioned in this dish - another one to bookmark 100% for mg non veg family :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  30. What a beautiful steak, looks tasty and tender! Have a good week Sandra, xoxo

  31. That is definitely perfect - I love me some steak!

  32. @Jo, Thank you so much..I am glad that you like it!xoxo

    @Alyssa, Yes I heard about NZ meat, however this is USA product and when you do a little digging you can see that this is amazing company that you can trust and meat is high quality! Thank you sweetie!

    @Ann, Awww thanks hon!

    @Natasha, I am happy that you like it! Thanks!

    @Lizzy, Awww thanks my friend, and I am ready for Spring too not because we had it cold but I am missing green scenery and beautiful smell of Spring!:))

    @Choc, Please do bookmark it..hopefully you will try to make it!:)

    @Chiara, Thanks sweetie and you have a great week too!

    @LinsFood, Thanks, happy to hear that!

  33. Oh my, this steak makes me hungry, even now at 11 pm :-). I could eat it any time day or night

  34. You have cooked the streak perfectly. Thanks for the diagrams. Thinking about the snow and cold makes me very sad indeed!

  35. LOL Sandra, you made me giggle. Looks fantastic and my carnivore DH would totally approve.

  36. That steak looks PERFECT!! Believe it or not, I wish it would snow in NYC - I have missed it this year! Doesn't really feel like winter without snow :(

  37. God Sandra, this steak is making me drool....
    Perfect, this looks just so perfect.....
    It is getting really warm down here, I love the picture of snow... Beautiful!!!

  38. Given a choice, I would prefer to be a vegie eater but for the sake of my family, I'm cooking meat... At this moment, I think I have not achieve the best technique to cook a perfect steak and I'm glad to read all and how you did to cook your yummy steak.

  39. What a lovely steak! I can almost see and smell it comes from an organic source ;-)
    Even though I don't eat beef very often (my favourites are chicken and pork), I only buy it organic or free-range with a special certificate. The difference in taste is awesome, so I totally understand you!

  40. Wow that's how I like my steak. It sounds so juicy and tender :)

  41. I love steak but I'm not good at cooking it. Always overcooked ;D

  42. Sandra, odrezak zvuči divno i iako nisam ljubitelj mesa, svaki puta me oduđevi kada ga netko pripremi i posluži baš ovako kao ti! Iako meso ne jedem tako često, ovo bi ti sada pojela :)
    I nas je zahvatila neka hladnija fronta proteklih tjedana, snijeg se zadržao malo 4 dana iako se takvo šta u Dalmaciji ne pamti od 56.-e :) Hvala Bogu da stiže prolježe, više sam ljetni tip :)
    Nadam se da se dobro oporavljaš :)

  43. LOVE this, Sandra! I really enjoy your ideas on cooking with beef - everything looks so mouthwateringly good and I always know that my family will enjoy your recipes!! Cheers and hugs!! :)

  44. Oh, thank you for the snow! I'm getting my winter fix from you :)

    I'll never forget the first time I had Rocky Mountain beef - I love the taste of grass fed beef. This steak looks perfect!


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