Java Chai Latte

Java Chai Latte #Recipe #homemade #latte

Cold morning, rain is pouring but beautiful Spring scenery when you look through the window. Even those gray days that could be rather depressing seemed just a little bit brighter. That was my weekend, quite depressing but somewhat very beautiful and productive.

Cup of Java Chai Latte seemed appropriate for the relaxing afternoon break that was really needed. I decided to do Spring cleaning and with three kids that could be a win cleaning or total flop. Well, for me it was a win because I asked kids to help me…of course, hubby is a cleaning sergeant, so he is always there to go over with the white glove. I’m just kidding! But yeah, he is that kind of man that is not afraid of little house work. Lucky or not?! Ha! I think I am pretty lucky! 
The weather finally cleared up, and the aroma of Java Chai was still in my mind, so it was one great replacement of my morning coffee! I know *gasp*! I skipped a real cup of Joe for this…yes, people it is that good! 

Unfortunately, season with the spice is no longer in business. 
You may look for similar Java Chai Blend 

Java Chai Latte

Java Chai Latte 
First version:

  • 1.5 tsp. Java Chai Tea Blend
  • 4 Oz Milk 
  • Sweetener to taste

Java Chai Latte


  1. Make according to you Espresso machine

Second version:

  • 1.5-2 tsp. Java Chai Tea Blend
  • 5 oz Skim Milk/split in half 
  • Sweetener to taste 
Java Chai Latte


  1. In a pot add milk with sugar/sweetener to taste and Java chai tea Blend.
  2. Let it simmer on low temperature until hot, about 3-5 minutes, but do not let it boil. Turn off the heat, cover and let it steam up under the lid for next 2-3 minutes. 
  3. While you are waiting for Chai/milk tea to develop a flavor, in another pot add remaining milk and with hand frother, froth milk until the foam is developed.
  4. Strain the milk tea/Chai through a small fine tea strainer, and in the cup. 
  5. Add frothed milk, stir and enjoy!

For those upcoming hot days, you can add ice cubes, and enjoy Java Chai Ice Latte! 

Java Chai Latte #homemade #recipe

Java Chai Latte #Recipe #homemade
I wish you a wonderful week! 
your friend,
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