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Fried Chicken Wings

Hello, September bugs. Are you ready for some tasty Fried Chicken Wings? I have been working hard these days especially after reviewing several recipe requests. So, I have decided to make videos. Stay tuned for upcoming recipes because you’re going to love them. With Fall weather already approaching, and football season is here, I thought to …

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Spanish Chicken over Saffron Rice

I was going through the Spanish cookbook and stumbled across Spanish Chicken, which was cooked slightly different than this one. I love adding my own twists on original recipes. Well, traditional recipes without losing the taste or the sense where that particular dish coming from. With that being said, I added smoked paprika, because it has a little …

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Spicy Sticky Baked Glazed Chicken Drumsticks

As soon as I teased you all with these last week, I started getting emails for the recipe. Again very simple recipe, and you don’t have to slave in the kitchen. Generally speaking, everybody loves chicken, and they are always my most popular posts and we, of course, cannot get enough of eating sweet, spicy, …

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