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Easy Berry Medley and Cherry Ice Cream


Easy Berry Medley and Cherry Ice Cream

I LOVE Easy Berry Medley and Cherry Ice Cream. Don’t you just love ice cream that looks pretty, but they taste even better?
The flavor of ice cream is so good, creamy smooths, tasty and refreshing.

We absolutely loved this one; the burst of flavor from berries as well as from the cherries… Mmm, just so darn tastily!

Summer just started like 5 minutes ago (haha), so I will continue to share more delicious, and I must add, easy ice cream recipes with all of you.

Also, I am planning to post a recipe for ice cream that doesn’t use an ice cream machine so that way anyone can enjoy it.


Easy Berry Medley and Cherry Ice Cream

At this time I am playing with frozen yogurts, but I haven’t succeeded just yet. As soon as frozen yogurt comes out perfect, I will share a low-cal recipe for that as well.

Anyhow, school here is starting in three or so weeks. I can’t even believe it! We definitely don’t look forward to that day whatsoever.

I think it’s too early for kids to go to school at a peak of the summer. That’s just my opinion… but it is what it is. We gotta move on and get ready for the School in August!


I hope you really like this recipe… it is most definitely an easy and delicious Berry Medley and Cherry Ice Cream recipe and a perfect summer treat for you, your family, and friends.

Okay. I will leave you with this now… Let me know whatcha think?! 🙂 

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Make sure to tag me @sandraseasycooking using hashtag #sandrasasycooking I would love to see all your delicious creations and share them with my readers as well. Thanks!!!

Easy Berry Medley and Cherry Ice Cream

Easy Berry Medley and Cherry Ice Cream

Yield: 14-16 SERVINGS
Prep Time: 10 minutes
ice cream churning time: 25 minutes
Chill Time: 5 hours
Total Time: 5 hours 35 minutes

Yummy and easy recipe for Easy Berry Medley and Cherry Ice Cream



  • 16 oz Frozen Fruit split in half, approximately, Berry medley with cherries


  • 4 cups Heavy Whipped Cream
  • 1 cup Half and Half
  • 1 tbsp. Rum Extract optional (you can use orange extract; tastes fantastic as well)
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • Pinch of Salt


  • Ice cream maker
  • ice cubes
  • Salt for Ice cream


  1. Combine all the ingredients together for the base, then add half (about 8oz) frozen fruit.
    Transfer the mixture to the Ice cream canister which you froze prior to transferring the mixture (follow instructions for your ice cream maker); add ice around the canister with ice cream salt in between ice cubes.
  2. Makes sure to freeze the canister as well before transferring the mixture into it.
  3. Allow it to churn for approximately 25-30 minutes.
  4. Meantime, freeze a canister or freezer-safe dish to transfer ice cream. This is a dish that you will use when the ice cream is done with the ice cream machine.
  5. Transfer ice cream into freezer-safe dish/container, crush remaining 10 cookies, and stir into half-frozen ice-cream mixture.
  6. Add the remaining fruit to the ice cream and stir. Make sure to slightly defrost frozen fruit so the beautiful colors of berries and cherries could bleed into Ice cream.
  7. Let it freeze for at least 8 hours before serving, preferably 12 hours.


1/2 cup is a standard serving size for Ice-Cream (1 large scoop) There are 8 cups (4 pints or 16 scoops) in 2 quarts of ice cream.

You can buy fruit individually or all mixed in one bag. You can also use any berries that you prefer. 

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Friday 20th of July 2018

I love the purple colour this has turned out, it looks great. I must remember to make some cherry ice cream this year!


Thursday 19th of July 2018


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