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Tiny Toast Cereal

Tiny Toast Cereal

The most important meal of the day.

I would love to know, what is your favorite breakfast? Do you have some traditional breakfasts, or you just love a bowl of cereal each morning?

I can’t call myself a real breakfast eater, I am more of a brunch person, however, my kids are huge on breakfast, so when I got an offer for this campaign, I jumped right in because they were more than happy to be my taste testers.

I just love watching them when they are eating. It’s like, there is a memory in a making right there.

Weekend mornings will stick with them their whole life, you know?! Siblings in the kitchen, over the kitchen island, arguing who took more or less, asking for more milk or whatever.

I just love that warm feeling that I personally missed growing up, even if I have to jump in and calm the situation by saying “it’s ok, we have more”.

My trio loves their cereals with Almond, or Cashew milk, a handful of fresh fruit and sometimes toasted nuts as well. I’d say they are pretty good eaters, with well-balanced meals… Well, not to brag or anything, but I am their mom, duh?!

Tiny Toast Cereal

Tiny Toast Cereal
The first new cereal from General Mills in 15 years, Tiny Toast doesn’t disappoint at all. It’s fruity, yummlicious, and not too sweet, at least not to my taste buds.

When you open up the bag, it smells like a fruit and cereals. The fruit pieces come off the tiny toast pieces and very lightly sweeten your milk, which is fantastic if you ask me. 

Tiny Toast comes in two flavors, strawberry, and blueberry, and a few weeks ago it started appearing in the cereal aisles nationwide. I bought mine at Kroger.

The cereal itself looks like a mini toast bread-shaped pieces and the General Mills claims are that the tiny bits are REAL strawberries and/or blueberries instead of artificial flavors and colors.

I honestly loved both flavors, as well as my kids, but for some reason, we all favor more blueberry. I guess it’s just coming down to your own preferences.

As most of you know, I have two teens (16 & 13), and my baby boy soon to be 10 years old. They gave 2 thumbs up for the new TINY TOAST cereals…Well, technically, it’s 6 thumbs up, plus 4 more from daddy and I.

Happy Eating and thank you for reading!

This post is sponsored by Acorn Influence and Tiny Toast Cereal. All opinions, pictures, and content have been done by me, honestly in my own words without the influence of others.