5 Minutes CAFÉ BREAK #LoveCafeBreaks

5 Minutes CAFÉ BREAK #LoveCafeBreaks

What does a 5 minute break mean to you? Do you sit in your yard and enjoy the view, or perhaps using your office to lift your legs on the desk and lay back to recharge?
I have many different break moments. In some cases strolling alone for several miles, unwinding my eyes from throughout the day working or cooking would fill my heart with joy, or catching up on my favorite show. I don’t take just 5 minutes, I’d take at least 30 just for myself, because with 3 kids, and busy schedule I need those breaks like my life depend on it.

Taking 5  min break from my hike
with cafe break pudding

I have to say that I am pretty blessed to be able to do it. My supportive family knows that I take my coffee break at certain times of the day, and nobody would bother me at that time. Well, my kids are getting pretty big and understanding,  IF you asked me that same question 5 or 6 years ago “How do you spend your 5 minute break?”, the story or the answer would be totally different, but I am in a different phase of motherhood. Never EASY, though, just to tell ‘ya that. We all take a breather, school or no school! This mama does a fair share of running around; doing things, driving the kids, after school practices, finishing projects, attending meetings, etc., so of course I need a break each and every day because I would be in serious trouble — mentally.

Life is beautiful, and I have a tendency to enjoy it with a little treat on the side, such as this Cafe break pudding that comes in several delightful flavors such as Mocha Latte, Caramel Latte, Chai Latte, and French Vanilla Latte. I am really loving both Caramel Latte and Mocha, which I could only find in my Walmart. So smooth, and silky… Totally YUM! Actually to be honest, my oldest one was stealing my puddings every day when he comes back from school. Ever since we signed up for this campaign, and I got 6 packs of the puddings from Walmart, he got hooked. I keep them in my fridge, even though you don’t have to. The summer time is approaching and humid weather is already here, so it feels like you are drinking iced Caramel Latte Macchiato, but with a smooth taste and texture.

With kids out of school and our vacation starts in a day, these cafe break puddings cups will be convenient when we are on the road. I always pack our food when we are traveling, so we don’t have to stop and eat food from places that I’ve never seen or eaten before. Do you pack your own food too when you are traveling?
I think these will be perfect even when the kids go swimming and I rest on the beach, or when they are running around the National Mall and I am just enjoying the beautiful weather under the tree for instance. Maybe, just maybe I already planned that ahead (HA!). We are taking a long round trip, so there will be lots of updates, with pics and a pudding in my hand.

Are you wondering about the taste? Well, I already said a little up there about it, but here ‘ya go again, I know my coffee and the taste of the “Cafe break pudding” is pretty darn good. If you are pudding and coffee lover, I am certain that you will fall in love with the taste. It’s gluten free, it is smooth and silky texture, it rolls pleasantly on your tongue, so your taste buds are getting ultimate pleasure. Didn’t mean to be naughty here (chuckle), but it is what it is. If you never had it before, Walmart carries them and you can find them in the snack aisle, where the puddings are.
You can download a $0.50 off coupon, on Ibotta right HERE, to try one of their flavors. Like I said you can find it at Walmart in Snack aisle.

5 Minutes CAFÉ BREAK #LoveCafeBreaks

Some of the facts about it: It’s Gluten free, 100 Calories or less per cup, Milk is the first ingredient, like I said it’s convenient and on the go ready dessert when you need that 5 minutes to recharge. Whatcha waiting for? Go and grab a pudding, hide from your kids or your boss (Ahem!) and ENJOY!

NOW, if you have a story to share with us, please use a tag #LoveCafeBreaks, take a pic of your favorite Cafe Break flavor and tell us “What does a 5 minute break mean to you?”
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