Edible Flowers, Food Photography Challenge

Edible Flowers, Food Photography Challenge

Hello everyone,

Today, I am sharing images for Marx Foods Photography challenge. I had an opportunity to enter this challenge and was stoked to get started. I had my shares of entering photography challenges and that always ended up kind of me having lots of fun working under pressure. 
As much as I had ideas all planned out in my head from the start, It was challenging in some way, but I love what I do simply because I can play with a food all the time, and this time was pretty one, too. I took over 400 pictures and at the end narrowed it down to these what you see in the post. Yes, we are skipping a recipe, however, some of you might know that I love avocados, so I am including my favorite way to eat them. 
By the way, you can vote for me and the others on Marx Foods instagram, and of course I’d really appreciated your vote very much. You just need to like my picture on their IG account. Thank you in advance! 
All Entries will be posted on Marx Foods Blog, too. 

Let’s talk about these pretty edible flowers…
I received these from Marx Foods: 

Nasturtiums – Nasturtiums have a peppery flavor which lends well to just about any savory dish.

Pansies – Pansies have a mild semi-sweet wintergreen flavor that pairs well with both sweet and savory dishes.  They float, flat in liquids, too, which can make them extra fun to experiment with.

Micro Flower Blend – a blend of tiny flowers that varies with what’s freshest at the farm.  This blend typically includes flowers like Micro Marigolds, Sun Daisies, Dianthus, White Mums, Bachelor Buttons, Micro Orchids and/or Starflowers. Some of the flowers in the micro blend can be bitter, but the blend can be used in many ways.

I am torn which one I like better… Certainly, I loved working with Pensies, but Micro Flower Bland I think was my favorite to photograph, just before they are small and colorful. 
Nasturtiums are pretty and reminds me of fall, and Thanksgiving table. If you click on each link you will find out a little more about each. They have an amazing selection, and I am sure foodies dream, especially who loves to garnish and decorate their food. 

Edible Flowers, Food Photography Challenge

I made avocado 4 ways, and mostly garnished it with Micro Flower Blend and placed Pansies like a decoration on the side, which I ended up eating for the first time ever, together with micro flowers and avocados. 
1. Mashed Avocado with drizzle of lemon juice and Italian herbs.
2. Avocado slices with drizzle of lemon juice and feta cheese.
3. Avocado slices with Flaxseeds
4. Mashed Avocado with Apple Slices and brown sugar.

Edible Flowers, Food Photography Challenge

I didn’t make it, although I can see that some of you would enjoy decorating. It is a simple two layer cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and strawberry filling. I got two of the same cakes. White works with colorful flowers, and I experimented a bit which one I like the best. Asked for advice, very valuable advices from my kids which one they like best and all agree on the sliced cake, because it balances black and white with a burst of color. 

Edible Flowers, Food Photography Challenge

I took ordinary Caesar Salad to a whole other level. I add grilled chicken, red peppers, Eng. Cucumber and sweet strawberries, shaved parm cheese. Dressed it up with my favorite homemade dressing: lemon, olive oil, pinch of kosher salt and voila.
Garnished it with stunningly beautiful Pansies. 

I wish you all an amazing week ahead… Happy Sunday, stay well! 

Your friend,



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