Sauteed Chicken Gizzards over Polenta

Sauteed Chicken Gizzards over Polenta

We are having Chicken Gizzards today on the menu! Please don’t turn your head and make that face, because this recipe I really delicious, on top of all even my kids love them.
What? Do your kids eat gizzards? Why, yes, yes they do! Hearts, gizzards, liver…
When I was young, whole packs of gizzards were unavailable to me. You had one chicken for lunch and mostly all the chicken insides were slow cooked in the large pot for soup, even chicken feet. I mean that is a really rich, flavorful soup that you would ever taste, but you had only one liver and one gizzard and so on… That couldn’t satisfy me. When I came to the US, whole packages of gizzard were like a shock to me… not that I am complaining! 😀 I am a real foodie, and I will eat almost everything except raw oysters… can’t do them, I tried!

Anyhow, the way I make gizzard,  they are soft yet chewy, flavorful, delicious… OK! My mouth is watering already! And they are so cheap!!!
Now to tell you something funny… every time I go to buy them cashier is giving me that look, or a question “do you make food for your pets?” Really? I was insecure putting this recipe on my blog, because of the dirty looks, but I can’t hold it anymore because even though they might not be your cup of tea, it is most certainly mine!

I have been making this recipe for over 14 years, and we absolutely love it and I do hope somebody in the crowds is a lover too!

Sauteed Chicken Gizzards over Polenta

Serves 3  | Total time: 40 minutes Prep time: 5 min. | cook time:35 min.
Course Main Course
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Boiling Gizzards 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 4
Author Sandra | Sandra's Easy Cooking


  • 2 tabelspoons Oil
  • 1 pack Gizzards ou may use with hearts or w/o
  • 1/2 Onion sliced
  • 4 Garlic cloves sliced o rminced
  • 1/2 teaspoon Bouillon powder
  • Salt to taste, a few pinches


  1. First, wash gizzards really well under cold water, cut them in half, and cut off any green or fatty parts.
  2. Boil 1/2 pot of salted water w/ 1/2 onion, drop in the water gizzards and let them boil for 20 minutes, keep the lid halfway closed, and be close by because water will start to bubble. Boil on high for first 5 minutes, then turn down the heat to lower temperature. It doesn't have to be simmer, just to keep boiling. 

  3. Drop gizzards in a colander and wash under cold water, let them get air dry until ready to use.
  4. Slice onion, garlic and set aside. Preheat oil and drop in the carefully chicken gizzard, turn the heat to medium and saute for a few minutes, just when they start to turn brownish, crunchy color, drop in onion and garlic. Season with salt to taste. (You can use herbs too); Since gizzards were cooking in salted water, you do not need much, maybe few pinches of salt.
  5. Saute until onion and garlic start to get a golden color, and gizzards are brownish.
  6. Add polenta to the bowl, then put in gizzards and take a tbs. of oil and drizzle on top. You can also serve them with rice or potatoes.

Recipe Notes

When you sauteing gizzards, they tend to burst from time to time, if you have fitted saute pan lid that would be the best to keep you protected! You can also make soup/stew base with gizzards just add salt to taste, onion, celery, bay leaf, and carrots. After boiling, just take out gizzards for sauteing and drain the stock into container separating it from veggies. FOR ME IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO boil gizzards before sauteing. They are still chewy and get that softer bite. Sometimes I boil them even longer than 30 minutes.

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