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When I look at some past times, times when my late grandmother was young gazelle, food was prepared in such a different way. It was more meat, and two kinds of veggies cooked in loads of margarine or butter, loaves of bread, plus dessert, but somehow it was all so fresh and more delicious. Not that I am complaining now, nor was I complaining then, because some of those times are the best. That's how we get connected to food in the young age, to cooking, to our dreams about food. We build memories and many of us have those experiences with food like I did when I first time tasted my grandmother's roasted chicken with yummy potatoes on the side, and piping hot bread from wood burning stove. My mouth is watering just by thinking about it, and I absolutely love even when I remember those moments, and those weekends when I spend in her kitchen. 
However, now are somewhat modern times, and we adjust to our daily busy schedules. Take outs are not the answer people, or fast food... It is poison to our body, even though it tastes so darn good. I know! I understand, sometimes we need a little junk to feed our soul at least, but in all seriousness, we need to take steps further and support local farms, and enjoy fresh produce, make meals by ourselves and maybe make a delicious memories with your family. 
Nowadays, more and more people are converting into vegetarian as well as vegan lifestyle, then there is a low carb, low cal, low fat and a bunch of other diets. I am and will always be for a balanced diet and lifestyle, so all "real" so called diets are out of the window. I listen to my body, and my cravings, I workout 5 days a week, and most of all I am happy. Screw the diet if I am craving something sweet... I mean, cmon' who can pass on Peanut-butter and chocolate (nutella) with pretzels together, or cream pie?! I am off the subject again, aren't I? Sorry about that! Anyhow...
I am more into dinner than breakfast/s, even though I love to sit down and have occasional breakfast with my family, however, my mornings are spent with a few cups of coffee, and maybe toast with some type of spread. I am always looking forward to the kids coming back from school and enjoying dinner with me. We share a great meal, stories, and all ends up with a full belly and laughter. 

 I added "RECIPE INDEX" where you can find all of my previous recipes including lunch and dinner ideas!
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I am working on this page. I will update and add a new ideas and my favorite dinners every month. 

August dinner round-up:

September round up:

Bibimbap -Korean Rice Bowl

Gluten free Shrimp Pasta

Artisan Broccoli Pizza

Grilled Glazed Wild Salmon with Mango Salsa

Beef Yakisoba -Japanese Fried Noodles w/ beef

Beef Yakisoba -Japanese Fried Noodles w/ beef 

Enjoy your day and come back every Month for an easy Dinner round up!

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  1. WOW, you blog is just amazing. You should be so proud.

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  2. These are amazing photos, The red snapper looks so good.

  3. @Harnish, Thank you very much! Red Snapper was pretty delicious as I remember!:)


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