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  • Questions regarding existing recipes

*It is possibility that I made an error from time to time, if you are not sure about ratio please contact me.

  • Recipes that you would like me to make.
*Any recipe except cakes such as type of wedding cakes.

  • Suggestions!
*Suggest what would you like to see more on this website, ideas, how I can improve etc. 
I am always open to listen and will try my best to change whatever needs to be changed.

  • Photography jobs and/or Recipe Developer job
 I only work with legit companies in Recipe developing, as well as food photography.
Websites/blogs, Banners, Magazine, and Cookbook images. Images of the products, ingredients etc. Any cuisine is welcome! 
  • I am very professional. 
  • I like to work with the company closely and listen to suggestions.
  • I am willing to travel, but only for special deals and/or occasions

If you would like to hire me, or for the rates, please contact at 

Want to buy a photograph/s? 
Email me and we will discuss it in greater detail. 

I will reply in less than 24-48 hrs. 


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