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Lunch Box: Sushi Roll with Fruits and Vegetables

#Lunch Box: #Sushi Roll with Fruits and Vegetables @secooking

There is nothing better than making fresh school lunch for your kids. I haven't posted in a while lunch boxes because my kids wanted to try eating cafeteria food again. In one week they would eat like twice in school, only if there is something that actually looked appealing or something that they like. I am coming to school for good 5 months few times a week for volunteering as well to enjoy lunch with my kids, and I really feel sorry and sad 'cause lunches are so poor even though they do have fresh fruits, veggies and cooked meals and dessert with it. However...however I have a problem with those cooked meals. They either look like a piece of wood, or plain disgusting. When I went last time, my son who is in 1st grade now had pizza. My kids going in pretty good school, in a great area but one look at that pizza and you would know what I mean. Dough was GRAY, not risen and taste is like biting into gummy bears. Now I love chewy dough but that was ..only God knows what it was, anything but so called pizza! So from now on they are not allowed to eat cafeteria food, only milk and perhaps bag of popcorn they can purchase. I am bad ass mama :D Seriously! I mean school board should be ashamed on what they are feeding kids with. I know the budget is tight but still there are so many working parents with limited time to cook or prepare school lunches, or families on reduced lunches that they don't have a choice, still our kids should be fed properly in school. So if you do have time prepare school lunches because even turkey sandwich is better than cafeteria food. 
Today for you I have simple lunch that could be prepared night before, placed in the fridge and just put it together in the morning. How to make my favorite sushi roll Click HERE. You can add anything that you would like, this is what I had at the moment so I added. 
Lunch Box: Sushi Roll with Fruits and Vegetables
Serves 1-2 | Total time: 20 minutes 
Prep time:15 min. 
  • 1 cup short grain Sushi Rice, cooked  
  • 1 sheet Seaweed/Nori
  • 1/4 Avocado
  • 1/2 cup Crab meat
  • 1/4 Cucumber /Japanese or English can be sub.  
  • Soy sauce light for dipping 
click on the links above to learn how to make sushi. 
Other items for lunch box: 
  • Mixed baby greens + dressing if you wish 
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Orange 
  • Vanilla Yogurt w/ strawberries & cereals 
  • Crackers 
  • Juice 
I think that this is well balanced meal. I have so many more ideas so check School and Work Lunch ideas
  • As far as ingredients go, like I said you can use what your kids like, you can use what you have. You can use more or less depending how big/small your roll is. Mine is pretty large. 
  • Once my rolls were done, I took French onion out and rolled only the top of the roll on the Fried French Onions. Totally optional but they love it so you should make how your kids like it. Please include your kids in planning lunches because most likely they will not only brag about lunch that they helped plan and prepare, but they will surly eat it all. 
  • If you would like similar but Korean style Sushi Roll, called Kimbap click here to see how
#Lunch Box: #Sushi Roll with Fruits and Vegetables #recipes

Wishing you wonderful week! Stay warm my friends!

Your friend,

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  1. Maybe Jamie Oliver should make a visit to your kids' schools. That is really really terrible that the schools are feeding the growing kids garbage.You're such a good mom to take the time to make them nice lunches. Just tell your kids not to do tradesies too much. Remember that? No idea if kids these days still do that, trading food until it's traded a good half dozen times.

    1. Hehe...visit from him would be awesome, but no use because as we all know lunch ladies or school is not the one who is making decisions, it's the school board. Well, trading lunches is not encouraged at all mainly because of the allergies and kids know that. I brought extra cookies for my son's friends and they didn't want to take it saying "no no we can't take it" even though they know me, and I am there all the time. 4th grade do offer to each other mints, or gums and similar but actual food no. It's different than middle of high school so elementary school cafeteria during lunch is monitored by adults, usually volunteers or ppl from office.

  2. What a great lunchbox idea. With school going back shortly I will have to start bookmarking these tastier ideas for lunches.
    Gourmet Getaways

    1. Oh summer time...i am looking forward to it actually! hehe Thank you Julie, I hope you find an ideas here and make it your own!

  3. Such a delicious lunchbox my friend, I want to take it to uni everyday!


  4. What lucky kids you have! I'd love to have a lunch box that looks like that!

  5. Although my son is picky eater but I know he will not be able to resist this lunch box :)

  6. I agree, what lucky children you have. I used to make these pretty and filling bites to take to work, haven't done it a while but after seeing your post I am rathe tempted! X

  7. What a great idea for a healthy,tempting looking lunchbox!
    It's very sad to hear that so many schools are offering such awful "food" to the
    kids. Yours are very lucky, Sandra!

  8. Your lunchbox is million times better than the school cafeteria's food! You're kids should thank you million times. :) What a lucky kids! As always, very appealing & healthy lunchbox, Sandra

  9. So pretty you lunchbox Sandra...a festival of colors and flavors.
    Thanks for the post, have a great weekend :D

  10. Wow! Sounds like you have the luckiest kids in school :)


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