Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 5 Recipes in 2013

Ah! One more year is passing...2014 is coming in only 2 days!
I feel so blessed to meet and know so many great people during 2013, grateful to have opportunities to work with some amazing companies and privileged to share my recipes with all of you. 
I had my doubts throughout 2013, should I continue blogging or turn to a real 9-5 job...but my husband didn't wanted to hear and kept pushing me to peruse blogging as a carrier and to learn more about everything connected with it.  
As I am listening Israel "IZ"  Kamakawiwo╩╗ole singing one of my favorite songs "somewhere over the rainbow" I am thinking to myself what a wonderful world. I am truly blessed to have such a great family, friends and followers of this is a wonderful world, indeed!
I have nothing else to say except from bottom of my heart thank you for all your support in 2013 and I hope you will continue giving me love in the 2014. 

Happy New Year!!!!



Like every year I would like to take you down to the most popular, the most shared posts from 2013. I hope you will enjoy them, because these are also my favorites too. 

1. Honey-Teriyaki Glazed Grilled Chicken
Delicious, Flavorful, and perfect for grilling season...but I even made it in the oven. I love the aroma, as well as my family. 
Photoshoot was rather simple. I always use natural light and with big windows all around it is easy to capture perfect picture. One thing I always do is just before taking clicks, regardless if it's pastry or meat I brush it with either glaze or butter to get that nice dripping shine. 

Honey-Teriyaki Glazed Grilled Chicken

2. Puff pastry with spinach....
This was fun, fun recipe. I love Spanakopita, so this reminded me in a way. Very delicious, and great for potlucks or quick appetizers especially if guests come unannounced. It is kind of copycat of Starbucks pastry recipe that I made it my own, but I gave the credit from where I got inspiration. 
puff pastry with spinach and scallions in alfredo sauce

I am so happy that one my favorite stews made the list. It is the most searched stews on my blog. I love and eat Korean food so much that I feel that I was born there or have some kind of connection with it. I simply cannot explain the feeling but it's like I looked for that kind of taste for so long and finally found it. It just clicked with me! 
I have many people emailing me saying that they found Korean food, or Asian food in general hard to make, and they are intimidated but it's so simple even though it might look like too much, or too complicated don't give up. If you love Asian food depending what region just start with simple dishes until you feel confident. This Photo was done in matters of HA! 2 minutes...I put everything on the tray and in front of the door and on the floor and I just shot it..I was so hungry that I couldn't wait to properly set it up! 

Delicous Korean Stew - Kimchi JjiGae

Flavors of Thai Cuisine are always welcome in my kitchen. I love balance, aroma, flavors, taste, texture of it. Noodles are my kids favorite as well as mine so beside rice, noodles often found a place on our dining room table. This recipe, week after week keep coming back on the most searched recipes from my blog...goes away for little bit but always find the way to come back thanks to you. I am so glad that many enjoyed it, and thank you for amazing emails that you all send me regarding this recipe. 
Thai Chicken Noodle Stir Fry

I wasn't surprised about this dish at all. It has been popular as soon as I posted on my blog in January...Whoa, almost a year ago! This is amazing dish, incredibly simple even though the ingredient list look large it's actually not large at all since all the ingredients just repeating. It also featured on some great sites such as BuzzFeed and Babble
Simple recipe for Cashew Chicken

You have little bit of this and that and I hope you enjoyed most searched recipe from 2013 from my blog. Again I wish you happy, healthy and prosperous new year!!! 

Your friend,

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