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Udon noodles with Shiitake mushrooms & Greens in Broth

Last week I was complaining how it was too hot for this time of year and now it's getting cold and even in some parts of the country it's snowing. So what to do when it's cold outside, of course we make some spicy soup. doesn't necessarily have to be spicy it just that I like it that way.
Few days ago my hubby gave me a cookbook as a gift, I don't collect cookbooks but I have nice collection and he knows what to get me. We love noodles around here of any kind but this cookbook was all about Asian noodles and oh I enjoyed reading it from beginning to the end.
Between Chinese Hot and Sour Soup, Korean Kimchi Ramyeon(Ramen) Soup, this Udon noodle soup climbed right on top among many other Asian soups that I really enjoy eating. It is such a comforting and delicious soup that you have to make it over this season. It is fully vegetarian but for meat lovers you can add some minced pork, beef or even chicken. Simple, Satisfying, Delicious and on top of all warms you up like a blanket.
Also if you are unable to find some of the products, which most of them are available in stores, you can order online or substitute with something else for example if you don't have Shiitake mushrooms you can easily replace it with crimini (baby bella) or white button mushrooms, or if you cannot find Dashi use Vegetable stock. I used Shiitake Dashi which is basically soaking dry Shiitake mushrooms in water and using that stock for making broth rich in flavor. We enjoyed this soup, and even my son loved it with bit of Rice vinegar extra added in his bowl as well as mine. 

Easy Recipe for Japanese Udon noodles with Shiitake mushrooms & Greens in Broth

In the original recipe Chrysanthemum Leaves were used and the author gave an option that you can use watercress as a alternative or any other greens. I didn't make my trip to Asian market to get neither and just used curly or savoy spinach instead. Also she used Kombu Dashi also known as Japanese vegetarian stock-- which is dried Kelp(kombu) soaked in water, but I used shiitakes and made it from that. I didn't omit much from cookbook's original recipe but it was fine, warm and delicious.

Udon noodles with Shiitake mushrooms & Greens in Broth 
Serves 4
Slightly adapted from "Noodles Every Day"
  • 10 Dried Shiitake mushrooms--soaked in 5 cups of water until pliable
  • 1/3 cup Soy sauce (or adjust to your taste) 
  • 1/3 cup Mirin
  • 12 oz dried Udon or 1Lb. Fresh
  • 5 Savoy Spinach Leaves per serving, or any other greens
  • 2 oz Ginger, finely julienned
  • Toasted sesame seeds
  • 2 Green Onions(green part) diagonally sliced
  • Shichimi-Togarashi or Cayenne powder *optional
  1. Shiitake Dashi (stock): Slightly wash dry Shiitake mushrooms and then place them in a pot and add water, about 5 cups. Soak for about 15 minutes and until they are flexible. Heat the water with Shiitake almost to the boiling point, take it off and let it stand for next 15 more minutes. Take them out of the water with strainer or tongs. Remove all the stems and quarter the lids of the mushrooms. 
  2. In a larger pot combine Shiitake Stock, soy sauce, mirin, and quartered shiitake lids. Bring to boil over high heat; Reduce the heat to low and simmer until ready to serve. 
  3. Bring another pot with water to boil and drop the Dry Udon noodles in. Cook as directed on the package. They are just slightly chewy, but not as much as fresh Udon noodles. Remember that Udon is not your average noodle, they are thick wheat-flour noodles. After Udon noodles are done, drain and divide among soup bowls. 
  4. Add your greens to the hot broth and cover for 3-4 minutes, they will be still crunchy. Ladle in each bowl enough broth to cover the noodles, adding Spinach (or other greens), and mushrooms. Garnish it with Green onions, ginger, toasted sesame seeds and togarashi (or cayenne powder) if desired. 


Note* You can find other Dashi Recipes on my friend's blog Just One Cookbook and many more Japanese dishes. 
For the sake of the photography I placed chopsticks across the full bowl, however in Japanese table manner laying down chopsticks across the bowl means the sign that you finish eating the dish, but also it can be interpreted that you don't like the dish and don't want to eat it anymore. So if you haven't finished it do not place the chopstick on top and across the bowl, just lay them on the chopstick rest, table or paper pouch/case if any. 

Simple recipe for Japanese Udon noodles with Shiitake mushrooms & Greens in Broth

I want to add that I am thinking about residents of East Coast that are in affected area. I hope that you all are on a safe place! 

Wishing you safe and warm week!
Happy Halloween!

Your Friend,


P.S. Happy Birthday friend! :)

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  1. That's a very delicious looking udon noodles! I love all the ingredients you used!

  2. Sandra I wish I knew if those Japanese mushrooms that they sell here in bags are shiitake mushrooms. Asking a shop employer won't help either they always answer Japanese mushroom. lol Your soup sounds so comforting and perfect for this time of the year. The temperatures dropped here a bit yesterday, so the nights have become a bit cool although the heat is still around in the day. Feels like a dessert at time.

    Interesting that the recipe said to use watercress otherwise. You should get some seeds and grow them in little pots. They grow in 2-3 days time and then you can cut them and use them in your cooking. Comes handy!

  3. WOW! Your udon noodles look delicious and beautifully presented. I love to cook udon with miso soup at home quite often and next time I'll try your recipe. I'm sure my family will love it.

  4. It's snowing already? Gosh, it's freaking hot in Singapore :<

    I'm adore mushrooms & what lovely presentation you've got here! xoxo

  5. Sandra, this is sooooo pretty!! and very comforting... Love it!

  6. Udon is so popular these days my friend, this looks perfect :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. Cooking books are a great gift. I love all these flavours and your photos make it look rich and inviting.

  8. It was a spicy soup kind of night over here, I do love udon though. Will have to try some soon. Hope you have a Happy Halloween.

  9. I love noodle soups, they are always so satisfying. Unfortunately it's a bit too hot here now for soups, but this is something I would love come winter.

  10. Those images sure made me hungry! I love soups with noddles, it's filling and comforting.

  11. It's cold, cold, cold, and windy, although we managed to dodge the bullet of the anticipated 2 feet of snow due to Sandy. Your soup is just perfect for the chilly weather outside juts now and frankly anything with mushrooms is right up Adam's alley. Probably add the pork as he i s a confirmed carnivore as well. Delicious, Sandra as always, and beautifully photographed as well!.

  12. Those look good! Have to make udon more often!

  13. I love when I see Japanese ingredients in your recipe! You made me smile!! Your previous life was definitely Asian...and I can see that! ;) Shiori loves udon sooooo much and she can eat that every lunch if she's allowed. I'm glad you made the broth from dried shiitake - completely vegetarian! I need to add that in my dashi page, but I haven't had shiitake dashi dishes to share yet. I love this clear light but savory broth. I can smell and taste it already. Great noodles! And I love that book called Noodles Every Day. :D

  14. My family loves noodle soup, especially when the temperature is cooler. :) I personally like you, love it spicy! This is totally my kind of comfort food. I can probably eat it on a daily basis and never get bored.

  15. What a hearty warming soup! Greens and mushrooms are such a great combination and look delicious with the thick udon. I figured this soup would be difficult to make, but your instruction show how easy it is. A must for the next cold spell!!

  16. I love any kind of spicy Asian soup! They are light, so that's already minus the guilt of those rich French cousins (although I love them, too). I guess the key is moderation and variation :) This is a perfect meal for me, who is on a "diet" (note the quotation marks, haha). I'm on a mission to lose 15 pounds before February!

  17. This dish was heavenly. The only thing I added was tofu and carrots, besides that I followed the recipe to a T. All the flavors were spot on!

    1. Carrots and Tofu sounds like a great addition. I love tofu and did added many times in the stock like this one. Thank you so much Lydia for trying and have a great day! :)


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