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Watermelon Kiwi Fizz

Today I am guest posting over at Muna's blog @MunatyCooking.
She has been very supportive of me and I featured few times in her online magazine. 
Muna is very kind and sweet girl and it will bring nothing but pleasure to guest post over on her blog. Also she is working on her first cookbook. Can't wait until it comes out!
Since summer is knocking on our doors and I thought to share recipe to cool us off. I wish it is ice-cream but have to disappoint you in that department. I made homemade juice using watermelon, kiwi, lemon and limes, with hint of mint to give you bit of edge. 
These were hit with my kids and my husband and I liked it very much. This juice is pure vitamin and very refreshing too. With just a little bit of sparkling water-soda you are talking your refreshment to whole another level. I have juicer but this time I used blender and strain out with tea strainer all the seeds from kiwi, watermelon and lemons; it left me with bit thinner substance than a smoothie. 
Thank you Muna for inviting me to be your guest this past week. 

Serves 4-5 people
  • 2 Lemons
  • 1 Lime
  • 4 slices Watermelon
  • 5 Kiwis
  • 3 Tbs Sugar
  • 500 ml cups water
  • 500 ml Soda Water
  • 1 cup Ice
  • 1 tbs of minced Mint
  1. Peel the lemons, lime and kiwi, and slice the watermelon separating it from the skin.
  2. Cut all the fruits into chunks and put in the blender,together with sugar, water and ice.
  3. Blend until smooth.
  4. Take a wire small strainer and drain the juice in a large juice pitcher; this will separate all the seeds that are left in a juice.
  5. Wash a blender just a bit and return the juice back.
  6. Add minced mint and soda;
  7. Pulse blending for few seconds so it can come together.
  8. Return the juice into pitcher and back in the fridge before serving.
Taste is citric, bit sweet and very refreshing for those hot summer days.


  • You can add more sugar if you like as well more ice. 
  • Also you could make this as an adult version too. 
  • To skip blending part, if you have a juicer than you are more than welcome to make it easier for you.


Thank you for visiting and I am wishing you fabulous sunny weekend!!!!!

Your Friend,

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  18. Thank you all so much...
    @Kankana, it belonged to my mother in law. Only recently we discovered sitting without any use. :)) Thanks sweetie..

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