Chef Ameera's Spring Equinox Cleanse Program Review

I was planing to post this for more than few weeks now, and I apologies 'cause it took me this long. The reason why I wanted to write this post is because many of you were asking me is the cleanse really working, how do you feel now, did you gain weight back now that you are off the cleanse and there were some concerns? Now Let me explain what I was doing few weeks ago, and what I've learned.  So let's start...

*This Cleansing program worked for me!
*I felt full of energy, and my mood changed in about 2 days.
*No, I haven't gain weight now that I am eating regular food, although in moderation and taking portion size meals.
*This program is safe in my opinion, because your intakes are 100% juices, raw vegetables and fruits, herbal tea, and water.

 I was on a 7 day cleansing diet which included raw fruits and vegetables as well as homemade juices. Here to report that I lost 1lb a day using Spring Equinox Cleanse Diet Plan. I know there was many concerns from my readers that detoxing your body can't be good for you, and I did lose followers, but again everybody have their own opinions. For me personally this was an amazing experience. Not only that I lost unwanted weight, but my energy level boost up, and my mood changed.

I was inspired by the flower garden!
While I was on "Spring Equinox Cleanse 7 days Program" I would have for breakfast juice, and for snack before lunch grapefruits; for lunch I would have salads that would include so many vitamins and minerals such as spinach, apples, cauliflower, asparagus, avocado, oranges, beets, red cabbage, berries est.; before dinner snack I had refreshing smoothie(vegan) and or/ green power juice, and for dinner I was eating salad again; drinking herbal teas to calm my body before bed..all raw food and water, water and some more water...about 10 (8oz) glasses a day, I walked for 4-6 miles, jogged, or hiked, did yoga. My menu that I used from Chef Ameera's program and options were changing each day by combining different raw foods, drinking different homemade juices and honestly it was never boring..
The point is to lose weight in a healthy way, but you always start by cleansing your body first. It's like jump start!

Just remember food is our best medicine, it can heal you physically and mentally if you just think about it! 

Bottom line is Spring Equinox Cleanse is an amazing cleansing program and it worked for me! I tried it, and I loved it! For readers that are concerned I have one more thing to say: " This program is based on healthy food, you are getting all nutrition (vitamins&minerals) from fresh fruits and vegetables, you are splashing everything with water and organic herbal tea, you are not hungry and the point is not to be hungry, and results are amazing!" 

Thank you all for listening me today. I appreciate you and your comments! Just a note that my blog is not how to lose weight but to live healthier by making right choices and healthy meals for you and your family with budget friendly and easy recipes. 

Disclaimer: Post is written in my own words, and I shared my own experiences. I was not paid nor asked to write it. I entourage you to Consult your doctor before trying any types of diet.

With permission of Chef Ameera, I am sharing great cleansing recipe. It is also one of my favorite juices from her program. If you want to give it a try, to have more recipes, advises, combination of ingredients, the key to get you on the right path to feel amazing inside and out, please contact

Dimple Eraser (or Cellulite Blaster)
  • 3 grapefruits
  • 3 lemons, peel removed
  • 7 oranges,
  • 3 inch piece of ginger
2-3 servings
Juice it and enjoy!

Thank you all again and have a wonderful day!!!

Your friend,

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