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Hello My friends,
Today I have special guest Samantha from very beautiful website called " Lavender World"
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I will leave you today with purpose of this post which is cooking with herbs and how to enhance your meals!

Using the Garden to Enhance your Meals
Of all the minerals our bodies require on a day to day basis, salt is the one mineral that very few of us lack. Used in cooking to season and enhance flavour, we’re now realising that to lead a healthy lifestyle we must limit our salt intake.
One way to reduce the amount of salt we consume is by adding other flavours to our meal. Once practiced very little salt will be needed as the flavour of the herbs shine through.
What Every Herb Garden Should Have
Every herb garden should house the basics for use in cookery, such as sage, thyme, marjoram, rosemary, oregano and parsley. Others include the curry plant, savoury and lavender, all of which have their own benefits for enhancing flavour in food.
Lift the Flavour of Lamb
There are classic combinations for coupling meat with herbs, and these are rarely deviated from, however if you’re a lover of salt, there are some other ways you can season without the white crystals.
Lamb is a perfect partner for rosemary, and by now most knows to slice tiny holes in the lamb and fill with rosemary and garlic before roasting. However, to lift flavour to a whole new level, add anchovies with the rosemary to give a healthier seasoning all the way through the joint.
Lemon thyme also complements these flavours, and will lift the whole flavour of the dish. Use with the meat or with roast potatoes to make the perfect accompaniment to the Sunday Roast.
Build up the Beef
Beef is such a versatile meat as any herb can be used with it. Be it sage and chives, or parsley and garlic, each one adds its own unique taste. For seasoning, pick every herb you have in the garden, even the lavender. Chop very finely until almost mushy then mix with soy sauce.
Cover the beef with the mixture then tightly wrap Clingfilm around. Leave in the fridge for at least an hour, where the soy sauce will not only lightly salt the meat it will also carry the flavour of the herbs deep into the joint.
Be sure to seal well before roasting and be surprised when you realise you have perfectly seasoned meat without the need of the salt cellar at all.
Perfect the Pork
Pork is renowned for being quite bland however this works in the kitchen gardener’s favour. As its white meat easily absorbs flavours, it truly is a versatile meat. Many will over season pork in a bid to give the meat more depth, however unless cracking is involved, the salt cellar never needs to be opened.
Pork adores sweet flavours as well as citrus and garlic. Teaming lemon thyme with honey and garlic will ensure you have all the flavour you need. Add a touch of redcurrant jelly to the gravy when serving to extend the sweet flavour, and let the Yorkshire puddings or roast potatoes act as the savoury counterpart.
This was a guest post by Martina Mercer. Martina works for who provide a range of 
herb plants and perennials.

Thank you Sam for the post!


  1. Great information about using lavender. Look forward to seeing what you whip up with it Sandra. Hope you are feeling better. xx

  2. Hi Sandra! I hope your recovery is going well. Keep resting well okay?

    I've seen several recipes with lavender last year while blog hopping and I thought it's very interesting. I use lavender lotion and have an eye pad for sleeping (haha) but never used it for cooking yet. I can't wait for your recipe using lavender. Surprise us! I hope you are not cooking from your bed. ;-)

  3. @Kim, Thank you sweetie! I think Sam gave us great info..I am just hoping I can stand by my promise and cook something incredible with Lavender..

    @Nami, hehe nooo I am not cooking from my that would be cool if I could for a while:))
    I love Lavender..but just like you never had a chance to cook with it!:)

    Kim & Nami, I am getting better and better every day! Can't cook yet because it is really hard for me to stand too long..Hopefully I will be healed soon, I miss cooking!:))

  4. last year was the first time I used lavender in cooking. Can't wait to buy a small plant this year as well and use some more.
    Hope you'll start running around soon :) Get plenty of rest!

  5. They've got some super cute jewelry on there! Although I also love that Francesca Duvet cover!

  6. Wonderful post Sandra. I just planted my herb seeds and quite a few are already coming up, I am so excited. I hope you are feeling good and recovering nicely. See you on Friday have a great day.

  7. How wonderful using lavender in cooking - I am looking forward to so many lavender posts! Delicious :D
    Awesome post!

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. Loved the post Sandra! Lavender is one of my favorite herbs used in cooking though I usually restrict it to desserts only, so nice to hear ideas to use it in savory dishes!

  9. I love using lavender in baking, but haven't in a while. I now know the place to go for some. Off to check out the site now. =]

  10. Ciao Sandra! Hope you're feeling better now :) I love the idea to use lavender in kitchen, I have to try some new recipe :)

  11. Lavender is one of my favourite things in the world!!! I love this post :)

  12. Beautiful post, Lavender is my favorite and the color too. Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. Hey Sandra, hope you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing this great guest post!

  14. Thanks again Sandra for bringing us another informative and delicious post. We've used lavender in everything from cookies to bedding over the years and always have it fresh in the garden during the summer. It's always around. We hope you are well on your way to recovering from your gall bladder surgery at this point - assuming ti was last Wednesday - and hope you're feeling tip-top again. We have been so busy with a huge project here we've been unable to keep up with our blogging friends, among which you are so special. Thanks for visiting us and being so supportive even though we've been out of the loop for while.

  15. What a nice and informative guest post! Thanks for sharing all those tips and tricks, Sam and Sandra!

  16. What a fantastic guest post! Herbs are such a great way to liven up foods and in use of reducing sodium!


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