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Mixed Greens and Grilled Chicken Salad

Delicious and healthy Mixed Greens and Grilled Chicken Salad

I am feeling great today..maybe because it was storm last night (not a snow storm though) and morning was just beautiful; this is coming from a person that is not, I said not morning person at all. 
I guess sunshine, and 60 degrees making me very happy. On the other side, I did 3 full day of Reboot diet....even though juices are tasty, and refreshing that was not my way of good breakfast, lunch or dinner. So my alternative options are keeping juices for breakfast 1 hour before my coffee, and have it to kill my sweet cravings as well as for snack. First day I couldn't stand on my feet, second massive headaches, and third I was in bed almost all day..
I know it is good for us to detox ourselves, but I can't stand headaches and I swear I was hallucinating without caffeine intake! 
Also I am not using anymore milk or cream for my coffee, I don't eat sweets at all, meaning nothing processed what so ever..for now I'm getting it from fresh fruit and veggies. Eating only boiled or grilled chicken or turkey and I 'm not eating beef or pork! In case of bread, I have it under control. I am Eating (50/50 whole wheat/white) 1 slice once a day which is huge for me considering that I could eat bread with anything...
My fridge is packed with at least 80% veggies and fruits that need refrigeration...very proud of myself because even though it's hard I am finding alternatives that will work for me..and still very healthy choices in my opinion. 
Today's recipe is fresh, easy and very satisfying lunch!

  • I used grilled chicken, which I cut in in smaller pieces because it giving us illusion that we have more in our plate, and you can taste it in every bite. But you can use baked chicken as well. 
  • Replace croutons with Almonds or any nut of your choice for extra crunch.
  • You can add cheese if you like.
  • Mix colorful greens and different tomatoes, after all we first eat with our eyes.

1 serving
  • Handful of Organic Baby Romaine
  • Handful of Organic Baby Arugula
  • 1/2 lean Chicken breast, grilled
  • 6 Almonds sliced
  • 4 Cherry Tomatoes
  • 4 Golden "Snack" Tomatoes
  • Salt to taste
  • Dressing of your choice 

(mine was 1 tsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil + 1 Tbs. Lemon Juice + 1/2 tsp. Salt + 1 Garlic and leave it overnight *optional)

Mixed Greens and Grilled Chicken Salad

  1. Season chicken and place it on the hot grill and grill for 10 minutes or until it's done. 
  2. Mix olive oil, vinegar and about  pinch Salt.
  3. Mix greens, pour oil, lemon juice and salt on top and toss.
  4. Slice tomatoes in half and almonds,  and chop grilled chicken breast. 
  5. Toss it with a salad, or just arrange them on the top.

Taste is very good. Salty enough, little bit sour from the lemon juice, and salad in combination with grilled chicken is just perfect! 

Wishing you all fantastic beginning of the week!!

Your Friend, 


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  1. I love how simple but beautiful this dish looks and it's filled with so many healthy ingredients! Making the meat version for the men in my family, I think mum and I could use some spice chargrilled eggplant instead - delicious :)

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Aus Day Green and Gold Cake

  2. What a gorgeous, colorful salad! I'd love to add dandelion to this :) Gorgeous, and so healthy!

  3. @Choc Chip, Thank you, and I hope you try making it!!!

    @Kiri, Thanks, glad you like it!!!

  4. I eat my dinner off a salad plate as well - then it makes me feel like I'm eating more! This does look way better than 3 days of juices to detox!

  5. What a gorgeous, healthy entree! You are eating so inspiration for us all!!!

  6. There is not one thing I would change about this tasty salad,except have it on a plate in my house. Wonderful and healthy ingredients here. Definitely well balanced.

  7. I would be lost without the power of caffeine. That is a stunning salad, with the colorful yellow tomatoes. Congratulations on sticking to the detox!

  8. @Jen, :)) In reality detox is 15 to 30 days..I couldn't take more than about will power:) Salads are alright if there is no any heavy dressing on it..In my opinion it kills the taste completely! Thank you for stopping by!

    @Lizzy, my friend, thank you for your support! I am trying my best to keep it this way! Thank you for visiting me!!!

    @Tina, You have always something nice to say. You are making me so happy, thank you for your kind comment and visit!

    @ Cucina49, I know what you mean, I was lost as well, maybe even bit bitter and yes, sarcasm raised up too..not pretty:)))Thanks sweetie for stopping by!!!

  9. First of all, you are way ahead of me in terms of dieting! I'm gonna catch up with you soon (I hope..hehee)! The chicken illusion idea makes sense but that trick wasn't in my mind. Thanks for the great idea! I need to be super serious if I want to lose my weight! Very inspired again.

  10. @Nami, heehe..Get serious girl..we can do it, summer is coming..was that motivated enough:))Just look great..don't complain!!! :))
    Thanks for visiting me!!!

  11. What a beautiful and vibrant salad! Love the illusion trick, although I do not eat chicken, lol
    Hope you had a great weekend, hugs

  12. Thank you Alisha..I know you are not eating meat..but you can make for your boys!:) Thank you for stopping by!!

  13. I am not a morning person too and always ready for a warm weather . But at times a rainy weather makes me smile and happy.. like today :)
    PS: keep up on your healthy eating .. you are rocking my friend!

  14. I tried the detox thing and found it did not work at all for me. So I cut portion sizes instead and tracked everything I ate.

    I reduced condiments to about 2 teaspoons of oil per day and I ate either about 2 oz. of carbs or about 4 oz. of meat per meal and kept full with vegetables. I lost 15 lb in about 1 month and wasn't that hungry. And I even had lasagne once!

    Your salad looks great! Can you believe we both posted chicken salad today at about the same time?

  15. @Kankana, It's just weird for me when I wake up Happy!:)))
    Thanks dear for you love and support!!!!

    @Pola, woww..that is amazing! I lost once in 5 months 85Lb...that was after my daughter was born, but I was working out twice a day, walking a lot and eating nothing but a fresh fruits and veggies+coffee..I know the feeling when you accomplish to lose 15 lb's in a month! Good for you and your diet sound great!!

  16. This looks great, Sandra! I love really colorful salads and this one is certainly that. I've always gone by the idea that the more colors there are on the salad, the more nutrition there tends to be.

  17. Thank you Janet! It was colorful and the best part very tasty lunch!:))

  18. This is so gorgeous. You are doing great Sandra. Keep up the great work. I struggle with veggies but I love fruit. Could eat it all day long.

  19. This is a stunning salad! I have given up caffeine before and I remember the headaches! OIY! Keep at it - they DO go away!

  20. This is a delicious looking salad, Sandra! The colorful veggies and toppings certainly make it look even better too! I need to pack in more salads these days!

  21. Now I should have started my week with this healthy, tasty salad and would have felt great like you, Sandra!

  22. The salad sounds excellent, but even if it didn't, your pictures had me ready to go make this salad! I hope to one day take pictures this beautiful!

  23. Sooo colorful. You make cooking healthy look delicious!

  24. That salad is spectacular :) Well done on your eating habits. Sorry to hear the detox kicked your butt. Remember to hydrate!

  25. Detox can be a bugger sometimes and glad to see you're hanging in there. I would love to have grilled foods everyday. Grilling outside is so much better. If only Mother Nature would cooperate. Beautiful salad!

  26. This is truly a lovely salad, you are doing great. And this is a perfect meal. See you Friday. xoxo

  27. The colors are stunning in this salad! Truly mouth-watering.

  28. I am NOT a morning person either. Gotta love a refreshing and tasty salad :)

  29. Sandra, what a refreshing salad! Congrats on being at top9! I loved the presentation and the grilled chicken. Yum!!

  30. Wow, colourful, tasty, crunchy salad. Loved it. I am a big fan of salads. Happy to follow your blogs.
    Happy Cooking!!!

  31. Sandra,
    This salad is gorgeous with all of the colors, and so delicious. You are doing so well on your new lifestyle, Keep it up!

    Congrats on you Top 9!

  32. Good for you Sandra! Keep up the good work, I dont think I could do it! This salad looks so wonderful and delicious!

  33. Thank you all so so so very much!!! I appreciate your comments!!!!

  34. Cutting white carbs and sugar out of your diet is tough, but a good thing for you and your family to do for your health :) But you can do this in moderation, too so your bodies don't go into shock! I love salads and this is such a delicious and colorful one - congrats on the Top 9 and your new healthy diet, Sandra!

  35. Haha! Hallucinating without your caffeine. I can imagine that. It's amazing how we grow to rely on it and need it to function.

    This is a pretty salad. Love it!

    Have a nice day.

  36. This is a true testament to the fact that you eat with your eyes!!!


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