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Chicken- Mozzarella Melt with Shredded Cabbage Salad

Hello Everybody...Happy Monday!
Today is raining here again..what a strange winter! Instead of snow that we had just a dust last week, today we are having rain. It's not even that cold, I would compare the weather like ending of Autumn. To cut the weather story short because I can talk about weather forever...let's start with a today's meal idea. My kids love chicken and cheese but to get them to eat veggies take some convincing. However when you put many different colors on the plate they will try it, at least mine do. The taste is not bad, not bad at all. You have sweet, spicy, salty and sour.. bit of comfort and whole lot of healthy. It is balanced plate with little bit of everything. 

Serves 2
2 Pieces of Chicken Tenders
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 Tbs. Olive Oil
2 Slices Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese
2 cups of Cabbage, shredded
5 radishes, shredded
7 Golden tomatoes, slice in half
1/4 Apple, shredded
Pinch of Sea Salt, freshly ground
1 Tbs. Garlic Vinaigrette Dressing with herbs
Homemade Half Whole wheat Bread- Recipe 
Fat Free Cream Cheese 
Chopped Parsley

Chicken- Mozzarella Melt with Shredded Cabbage Salad


  1. First Shred all the ingredients for the salad and slice tomatoes in half.
  2. Stir in the Vinaigrette; set aside.
  3. Heat the olive oil in a pan and season the chicken tenders, cook on a med. high for few minutes on each side. 
  4. Once the chicken is done, turn the heat off, place on top piece of Mozzarella and cover it with a lid removing the pan from the burner completely.
  5. The heat will melt the cheese. 
  6. Cut the bread, spread with a cream cheese and place the chicken on top. 
  7. Serve immediately or prepare everything ahead of time. 
Final thought:
This is very simple, full of flavor, and it goes very well together. 
Salad is unique. Apple and tomatoes give this salad sweetness, and Garlic Vinaigrette just a kick of flavor.

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Wishing you all AWESOME week!!! 


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  1. The presentation on this is just gorgeous!

  2. Oooh, a mozzarella melt on top of cream cheese? I am sorely tempted :) This looks like such a great comfort lunch!

  3. @ Cucina49, Thank you sweetie!

    @Kiri, hehe it's soooo good! Thank you for visiting me today!!!

  4. This looks lovely, Sandra! I'd have this lunch in a heartbeat. Delish :-)

  5. Mmmmm....what a beautiful plate! And I really want a huge bowl of your slaw!!!

  6. @Lyn, Thank you for your comment and visit today!

    @Lizzy, I love slaw and making it often..but never tried with golden tomatoes was refreshing meal for sure!
    Thank you sweetie for stopping by!

  7. What a wonderfully light but still filling meal! I really love the flavors of your slaw and I can't wait to see your bread recipe

  8. @Alyssa, It was really satisfying meal. When you at the plate you would say it's not enough but truly it was. I am baking bread as I write this..I made one two days ago and today one's has great taste too..I will probably post it over the weekend!

  9. Love the shredded cabbage salad. The whole meal looks great!

  10. That looks amazing Sandra! Truly! Your dishes are always so creatively lad out!

  11. @Carolyn, Thank you so much!xoxo

    @Lola, hehe thanks sweetie!

    @Raven, Awww thanks so much! I appreciate your kind words!

  12. This looks great, Sandra! All of it. Normally I only eat raw cabbage in "normal" cole slaw but I think this recipe could convert me!

  13. This is such a well balanced meal! I would definitely order this if it was on the menu-you pulled this together so well. Let me know when your restaurant is open-I am ready to eat there!

  14. What a beautiful plate, love the shredded cabbage salad! This all makes me hungry (again, I just had dinner ;)

    Haha, please do not tell me about Pinterest and addiction. I am literally a Pinterest junkie :))

  15. Oh Sandra this looks just scrumptious!! I love every component.

  16. The presentation is just picture perfect and the flavors sound very well together :)

  17. @Janet hehe, well normal slaw is amazing too, this is just refreshing bit different!:)) Thank you sweetie for stopping by!

    @Tna, Well, maybe one day I can say my new restaurant is open please stop by..that would be awesome but in reality not ready for that kind of responsibility:))Thanks honey for your kind comment!:)

    @Tanja, Isn't it addictive..I can't stop searching the web for pretty things and ideas:)) Thank you for visiting me to u soon!:)

    @ Katherine, Thank you sweetheart! I appreciate your visit!

    @ Gourmantine, I tried to play around with combination, I like it very much, and hopefully you will too! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  18. Looks yummy and like a simple enough meal to handle on a rainy Monday. We haven't even had any snow yet, can you believe that? Strange weather everywhere I guess :)

  19. What a beautiful dish! Love the flavors and your photos too.

  20. @Nancy, I can't believe that you guys didn't get any strange!
    Thanks for stopping by, your comments are always welcome!

    @Kara, thanks sweetie..I appreciate it!!

  21. So delicious, I can just tell! Light and refreshing. Mmmmm, good.

  22. We had a rainy Monday here in Phoenix today too. It was a little out of the normal weather, but I love the change up :) This looks like a delicious and comforting rainy day meal.

  23. That's a lovely and healthy meal, Sandra! Your gorgeous presentation makes it so irresistible!

  24. @ Cheryl, Thank you so much!!!

    @Sarah, I love rain it just weather is really usual for this time of year! Thanks for stopping by!

    @Tina, :) Thanks sweetie..It was really good!

  25. A lovely meal, the cabbage salad sounds especially good with the unique combination of flavors.

  26. Sandra, this looks SO delicious and healthy....and your presentation is stunning! (as always)

  27. Gorgeous clicks and drool-worthy recipe :)

    I know, Pinterest is dangerously good :)

  28. I am always looking for a quick and easy lunch and this is just the recipe. My kids love chicken tenders. We will give it a try this week.

  29. Hi Sandra~~! You use homemade bread for this delicious melt! Sounds fantastic! I'm going to "buy" sandwich bread soon for our lunch. I got your idea of chicken & mozzarella melt. All my chicken is frozen so I have to get tender too. Looks yummy. I especially love your cabbage recipe. Adding apple is a great idea that I've never done before. Have a wonderful day!

  30. Mmmm what a lunch, now is around noon and I would love to have a bite of your post, looks super yummy:)

  31. I LOVE the plating design! Sandra, your dishes are more and more beautiful everyday. Gorgeous photos too! =]

  32. @ Natasha, Thanks, glad you like it!

    @Ann, Awwww thank you sweetie very much!

    @Kiran, I know..I love it though! Thanks for stopping by!

    @Love for food, Thanks!!!

    @ Five Finicky Eaters, Do let me know if you liked it! Thanks for visiting me!!!

    @Nami, hehe, you know that I am making my bread almost everyday:)) Hopefully you will be tempted to try it:) Thank you for your always kind comments!xoxo

    @Irena..oh you would, wouldn't you?:)) It's so easy, and very very delicious! Thanks again for stopping by!

    @Kym, Awww girl you gonna make me blush..thank you very much! I appreciate you and your support! Hugs!!!

    @ Christine, Thank you!!!

  33. This is a simple but very satisfying meal. Plus it's beautiful and even better, it's in Today's Top 9. Congratulations!!

  34. What an indulging recipe! Congrats on top9 :)

  35. I'm SO afraid to start with Pinterest! I don't have enough time as it is, and I'm afraid I'll get sucked in!! Congrats on making the Top 9 again!

  36. Jen, I know what you mean and trust me if you start you will be sucked in..and will spend hours searching for ideas to pin it est. LOL! Thanks sweetie, have a beautiful day with your family!

  37. Congrats on the Top 9 Sandra!! Gorgeous shot, and with no lunch on the horizon my mouth is literally watering. Nicely done!

  38. That's so stunning, Sandra!! I am definitely in love with your dish :)

  39. This is perfect, Sandra! It certainly makes for a delicious and elegant lunch! Congrats on Top 9!

  40. I want to come live at your house, your meals are always so pretty!


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