Crepes with Peanut-Butter and Chocolate Filling

-Today is my 11th wedding Anniversary and we are celebrating with our three kids and delicious brunch. So I made these simple crepes filled with my love and of course something with chocolate. 
I absolutely love Choco-PB combo, like peanut butter reeses. 
Goes so well with crepes, then again it not might be anybody's cup of tea. Anyhow, it's gonna be one delicious Day!  

PB &Chocolate Pudding:
1 Large Chocolate pudding
3 cups of milk
3 Tbs. Smooth Peanut-Butter

Mix pudding and milk together. After it gets thick add PB, whip until well blended.
Spread first Nutella on crepes than few Tbs. of PB& Chocolate Cream or Pudding
Sprinkle with bit of Powdered sugar and Cocoa
For the crepes click here and here two versions and ides.

I love you baby, Happy Anniversary!
I wish you wonderful day! 
Stay happy and healthy...
your friend,

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