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Guest post with one Special Blogger and her Curd Cheese & Cinnamon Dumplings filled with Apricots

Hello my fellow Foodies,

I have special guest for you all here on Sandra's Easy Cooking. Yup it is that time of the month-well that didn't sound good LOL! Right ladies?
Let's try again:))
It is First Tuesday of the month and it's time for my monthly guest post. 
I have known this food blogger for few months now, and she grow and grow more and more in my heart and very soon she became one of my favorite bloggers. Her blog is simply amazing, her recipes are fantastic and her writing, well you have to check it out if you haven't already. She is writing on three languages, what do you think about that? Also I want to mention that she is linguist and is living in Austria for 20 years.
Her name is Tanja @Tanja's Cooking Corner. She felt comfortable to make this guest post like an interview, so I asked her few question. Enjoy reading more about our guest today.
 Without further adieu I present you Tanja. 

1. If you have to pick short few words to describe yourself, what that would be?
It is not easy to describe oneself in just a few words, but let me try: I am crabby (sometimes)
stubborn ,compulsive, impatient, soft-hearted, well-read, Fiancée, Friend, Aunt, Sister, Daughter, honest, joyous, peaceful, excited about life, and living in every moment of everyday (

2. When/what was your first time cooking and how that went? 
I think I was 10 or 11 years old, my mom let me try making roasted chicken. I think it was not that bad, because my family ate everything ( Or maybe they were just too polite and wouldn’t tell me if they didn’t like my first creation ;)

3. Is there special meal/dessert/guilty pleasure that you would love to eat everyday?
Only one word: Nutella! (please, do not judge me…)

4. What/Who inspired you to start cooking and sharing your delicious ideas with the World?
I have always loved cooking. It was my mom, however, who is a professional cook who really inspired me to start cooking.  I used to watch what she was doing in the kitchen (not only at home but also in the restaurant kitchen, where I went every day after school, where my mom would serve me lunch). I was always fascinated what fantastic meals could be created with only a few ingredients. The process of creating itself was something I was very interested in! I could watch my mom for hours making all kinds of dishes, and as I grew older I started experimenting on my own. I had so much fun, and my fascination for cooking had grown every day. As a student I used to cook for all my friends, and was also working in the summer holidays in our family-run restaurant, together with my mom. I have so many great memories about us working together! Now we live far away from each other, so I really miss us two cooking together…

5. Do you ever cook with the music on, and if you do what is jamming in you kitchen?
Oh yes, I do! It depends on my mood, but I like music that allows me to sing (loud) while cooking! Thank God nobody hears that- except my poor darling ;)

Before telling you more about the recipe I will post let me thank Sandra for the opportunity of being this month’s guest at her wonderful blog! I felt so honored and so excited when Sandra contacted me and asked if I would like to be her next guest. Of course I would!!! I am a reading  Sandra’s blog for a while now, and her recipes and amazing photos truly inspire me every day! And so I started thinking what recipe I could post, it should be something I have not posted yet and as I like to make the absolute most of delicious seasonal fruit and vegetables at their very best, I have chosen to cook or bake something with apricots. When I decided what the basic ingredient should be, it came into my mind to make Dumplings filled with Apricots. These Dumplings are called Marillenknödel in Austria, where I live. It is a typical Austrian dish.
As to the cultural background of the Marillenknödel, I must briefly refer to Austrian history: In the imperial era Bohemia, which today belongs to the Czech Republic, was part of Austria. Since it was a poor country, many of its inhabitants went to Vienna to find work. Bohemian food was very much appreciated so that women easily found employment as cooks. Sweet dishes such as Guglhupf, Germknödel, Topfenstrudel, Powidltascherln and, of course, Marillenknödel belonged to their most famous specialities. Although originally food of the poor, Bohemian dishes very soon became an indispensable part of the Austrian cuisine and even Kings are said to have loved them.

So here is the recipe: 

Curd Cheese & Cinnamon Dumplings filled with Apricots

Adapted from: Delicious Days
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking: 12-15 minutes

Ingredients (for 6 dumplings):

250 g curd (20 %)
6 small apricots
4 tsp of brown sugar
1 tsp zest of (untreated) lemon
25 g soft butter
1 egg yolk
75 g semolina
 a pinch of salt
50 g all- purpose flour (type 405) + additional flour (for forming)
125 g butter
125 g breadcrumbs
powder sugar


Strain the curd cheese in a fine mesh sieve, for about 15-20 minutes. Wash the lemon, rub dry, then zest it with a grater. You will need about 1 teaspoon lemon zest.
Wash the apricots and pad them dry, then cut  them open (only halfway!) along their seems. Remove their pits. Fill them with ½ teaspoon brown sugar.
Bring a large pot of water to a boil, add a (generous) pinch of salt, then reduce the temperature until the water bubbles very lightly.
In a big bowl cream together the strained curd cheese, semolina, egg yolk, butter (25 g), vanilla sugar, salt and lemon zest using a wooden spoon. Lastly add the flour and mix in only long enough until you can form the dough into a thick log (if the dough is still sticky add some additional flower).
Cut the log into 6 equally sized slices.  Slightly flour your hands and form little discs, then place a sugar filled apricot on top of each and wrap it tightly with the dough.Form a dumpling (re-flour your hands if necessary) and check carefully that the apricots are completely covered by the dough.
 Bring the pot of water to a boil and carefully slip the dumplings into the water, stir occasionally to make sure that the dumplings do not stuck to the bottom of the pot. Let them simmer at low  heat for 12 to 15 minutes.
Meanwhile melt some butter in a pan over medium heat and roast the breadcrumbs (about 125g butter, and 125g breadcrumbs; ratio 1:1). Remove the dumplings with a skimmer, then roll them in the pan with the buttered breadcrumbs until evenly covered. Serve hot and finish with cinnamon sugar (just mix cinnamon and powder sugar). Enjoy!

You can like her on Facebook fan page.

Thank you Tanja so very much! Don't you guys just love what she have for us..Ohh my favorite dumplings however now I have to make them since I always had plum or cherry..And I totally loved your honest answer about Nutella:)) who doesn't, and you wont be judged here in foodie world about it :))
Do visit her and say Hi for me..I hope that all of you enjoyed this guest post as much as I did!

Have fun and see 'ya next month with new guest post!!!


  1. Sandra, I really like your monthly guest post and look forward to getting to know more about bloggers. It was so nice to know more about Tanja. I started to follow her blog not a long ago, and she's been posting beautiful food and especially desserts all the time! Tanja, it was great to see you here and I truly enjoy your blog as well. Great guest post with wonderful interview. Your curd cheese and cinnamon dumplings are very unique and delicious sweets! I love how apricots dripping off from the dumpling. Beautiful post!

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  3. Sandra, thank you so much for having me for your 3rd guest post. This means A LOT to me, more than you can imagine!!! It is my first guest post I have written, and then on one of my favourite blogs. Iam so happy about that :) One of the main reasons why I have started writing a blog in the first place was to meet new people, and I am so happy I did because of amazing Foodie Friends like you!!! Thanks again!

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    i also enjoyed reading her interview... makes it more personal. thanks for introducing us to this great blogger sandra :)

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    That recipe is definitely very different, but it sounds soooo yummy-good!! Great guest post!

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    Tanja you are so talanted..your recipes and photography always take my breath away.
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