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Guest post with very special Blogger and her CHOCOLATE COVERED MARZIPAN RUM BALLS

It is first Tuesday of the month, and I didn't give up on my promised guest post for the second time ever!
I have today for you special guest on my blog, Manuela from Manu Menu. 
I was so happy when she accepted to be here and present her awesome traditional recipe for us. I fell in love with her blog as soon as I visited for the first time in February.
Manuela rise up Like a shining star as she is just in a blogging world from January of this year. You probably know her from your comments as she always leave kind and cheerful compliments to all. Manu's recipe are mouthwatering and pictures are so good that you would just want to take it off the screen!
Without further adieu I present you Manuela @Manu's Menu
Here are some questions that I asked our guest, you might connect even more with her:

1. Tell us little bit about yourself and your family?
I was born and brought up in Milan by Scilian parents.  Italy is a
relatively small country but each area has different traditions and
amazing food, some of which is so specific to the area that you cannot
find it anywhere else.  I was lucky as I grew up in the Northern part of
Italy but had a “Southern” family background... this gave me a broader
exposure to yummy food and regional specialties.  Now that I live in Australia with my husband and 2 little girls I have opened up to a new world of flavours, especially Asian food
that is so easily available here. Besides, my husband is of Indian origin... so Indian food is a must at our place.

2. What was the reason you started blogging about food?
I have always loved cooking.  Many of my recipes have been passed down
from generations in my family, but I had only a few of them written down.
The rest was all in my (and my mother’s) head.  Now that I live in a new
country and I have 2 daughters I felt the necessity to write down what I
know... for my kids in the first place, but also to share my knowledge
with whoever is interested in “authentic Italian cooking”, which is
usually so different to what you find at “Italian Restaurants” around the

3. What is your favorite meal/dish that you ever tasted?
This is a tough one!  I eat almost anything... but I do have a few
favourites.  I’d say Pizzoccheri is probably my all time favourite.  It is
a dish made with buckwheat tagliatelle cooked with vegetables and served
with a sage, garlic and butter sauce and covered in bitto cheese (similar
to fontal in texture) and parmigiano reggiano.  It is not a good dish to
have if you are on a diet... but it is divine and it comes from an area
called Valtellina, in the Italian Alps, not too far from Milan.

4. What place in the world you would love to visit next?

I love travelling!  I’d love to visit the whole world!  But if I had to
choose only one place I’d surely say Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego in
Southern Argentina and Chile!  But I need to wait for the girls to grow up
so that we can all enjoy the beautiful hikes and sights of the area.

5. Name 5 things that you cannot live without?
My family (even though it is not technically a “thing” ;-P), my computer,
my food processor, coffee and obviously food!

A few days ago I got an email from Sandra of Sandra’s Easy Cooking asking me if I would write a guest post for her fantastic blog.  Would I??  Of course I would!  I felt so flattered and honored to be asked by one of my favorite foodies to be a guest over at her virtual kitchen!  I immediately started thinking about what recipe to post... I wanted something that I hadn’t posted yet and something that represented me and my site.  I was lucky enough to have just the recipe!  I had made these sweets for a friend’s party a few days before and I hadn’t blogged about them yet.  Perfect!  They are marzipan balls filled with rum soaked raisins and topped with melted dark chocolate.  They are traditional Sicilian sweets and I love the chocolate topping and the liqueur soaked raisins hidden inside.  Before starting to prepare these sweets I want to THANK Sandra for giving me the opportunity to be a guest over at her beautiful site and for being such a supportive and lovely fellow foodie! 

And now back to the recipe... I hope you all enjoy these marizpan sweets as much as I do! :-)  
Adapted from Maria Grammatico’s recipe of Dolcetti al liquore – from the book “Bitter Almonds: Recollections and Recipes of a Sicilian Girlhood” by Mary Taylor Simeti
Ingredients (makes 25):
500 gms almond meal
500 gms icing sugar
1/2 glass of water to add little by little (you may need less)
A few drops of almond essence or bitter almond essence (optional)
1 cup of rum
60 gms raisins
150 gms dark chocolate

  1. Put the raisins in warm water for a few minutes.  When soft remove them from the water and pat them dry.  Put them in a glass jar and cover them with the rum.  Let them soak for 24 hours.
  2. The following day, put the almond meal and icing sugar in a big bowl.  Mix them well and add the almond essence (optional) and the water slowly while kneading with your hands.  When you get a smooth and pliable dough, your marzipan is ready.
  3. Roll the marzipan into a 1 cm thick sheet.  You can do this on baking paper to prevent it from sticking to the bench top.  
  4. Cut some circles with a diameter of approximately 4 cm.  Put 3 raisins on half of the circles and cover them with the remaining circles.  Press the sides well to make sure they do not come apart and then roll them with your hands into roundish shapes.  Keep aside.
  5. In the meantime, melt the dark chocolate and dip the top part of the marzipan sweets in it.  Let the chocolate dry.  They are now ready to serve!  They are perfect with a cup of coffee or your favourite tea.

Thank You so much again Sandra!  

Don't you just love this recipe, and her answers....When I opened up email with Manu's photos I was literally drooling!!!! I am so happy that I had opportunity to feature Manu on my blog as she is busy with her family, website and everyday life! 
There is more ways to connect with her besides website Manu's Menu!
Please take your time and check Manu's blog for step by step instructions how to make these beauties!
Thank you Manuela again for accepting!!!!


  1. That is one very simple recipe! Sounds so delicious! I am hopping over to Manu's blog for more drooling recipes!

  2. Oh Sandra! Thank you so much for inviting me over to be your guest! It was a PLEASURE!!! You are a great hostess! <3 Thanks a lot for your sweet introduction dear! Have a great night!

  3. You and Manu did a great post!! I like the interview you added because we all can learn more about her. It's a brilliant idea! And the chocolate covered marzipan rum balls... really look delicious! I'm going to Manu's site now to congrats her. :-) Sandra, great job!!!

  4. That is one amazing recipe!
    I have only recently discovered Manu's blog and I do love it

  5. Pizzoccheri - never heard of it, but it sounds amazing!!

    I started blogging for the exact same reason too!

    Awesome post and interview and I love the photo.

  6. Sandra, your choice for the guest blogger is just right. Manuela is a great cook and I adore her blog as much as I adore your style of cooking and your blog. I know both of you for sometime now and both of your blogs are in my favourites' list. Loved the recipe, saved it and buzzed it on foodbuzz!

  7. I already saw this on Manu's blog, but here it is her interview... :)
    Nice nice nice!

  8. This just makes my mouth water-what a tasty and elegant dessert! I am gong to will click over to Manu's blog-thanks for the intro to this blogger.

  9. I very nice item. Looks delicious. And I love the interview, it's so good to know little about people.

  10. Oh my goodness, those look so delicious! Thanks for featuring Manu again, because these rum balls are a real treat.

  11. All I had to see is almond paste and that stops me dead in my tracks! Great yummy guest post!

  12. 2 of my favourite bloggers together! What a fabulous guest post. Sandra, I love the interview set-up: very nicely done. Manu - you've done it again: these marzipan and chocolate delicacies are just too good to look at (it's painful). I am going to have to jot down that recipe and make it before I GO COMPLETELY MAD!!

  13. What a lovely recipe!! Congrats to both of you girls on that amazing guest post!! You have dona a great job! And I love all the photos too :)

    Oh, Sandra - and I have almost forgotten :) I have a blog award for you:)

  14. Che bella questa tua iniziativa complimenti :)

  15. heavenly.......delicious

  16. are very simple but really good, you are very good

    hello and good week

  17. Hi Sandra, come check out my blog: there is something waiting for you!

  18. It's great finding you two together! The post is great and the recipe is awesome! Good job!!

  19. Another perfect choice for your guest blogger! In the past 4 months that I've been in the blogging world, Manu is one of the best bloggers with authentic way of cooking that I've found!
    Congrats to you & Manu for this very wonderful guest post!

  20. These look great! I am so impressed with the pictures and presentation... beautiful. I'll have to give these a try once I have a day off work :)

  21. Thank you all for kind compliment. I am glad that you love Manu, her recipe and this guest post! She is special lady and I am glad that I got to know her!!

  22. Oh I love Manu's blog & recipes and she hasn't let us down with this one either. Sounds so yummy! My family loves marzipan, and I am so sure this would be very popular! Thanks for a great recipe, Manu & Sandra :) Love the pictures too :) And Sandra, I loved reading the interview. What a fabulous way to start off a guest post! Great job!

  23. Thanks for sharing her Sandra, I will go over and say hi. Love this recipe. Hope you have a great week.

  24. I'm going to run over to Manu's blog - I love the idea of the family recipes - my grandmother's were all in her head and her daughters went nuts trying to recreate them and pass them on to me. These delectables sing to my love of all things almonds. Lovely posting!

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  27. What exquisite sweets those are. I just love almonds and especially adore them in marzipan. These are extra special though with the rum soaked raisins and chocolate coating. Mmmmm.

  28. Great post! You both are special to me.


  29. Like I said in twitter .. two of my fav blogger friend in one page .. this couldn't get any better. It was fun to know such interesting things about Manu! She is so unique with her recipe and this is yet another awsm sweet treat.

  30. lovely guest post
    looks wonderful

  31. Oh, I love when two of my favorite bloggers team up! Wonderful interview and fabulous recipe!! xoxo for you both :)

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  34. What a great post!! I love the interview bit! And I really really love those delicious treats! They look gorgeous.

  35. Hi Sandra,
    Thank you for introducing me to Manu, believe it or not, it's the first time I stumble upon her blog through your guest post.
    Those chocolate marzipan balls sound and look delicious.

  36. Hi Sandra! Great post! Love your interview and Manu's mouth-watering marizpan sweets! Congrats to you and Manu! :D

  37. Lovely interview and lovely guest recipe. Am a huge fan of Manu - she always has interesting food that I want to cook straight away and this is no exception.

  38. Thank you for introducing us to Manu! Those marzipan treats sound (and look) divine. The photo had my mouthwatering as soon as I opened the page :)

  39. So nice to discover your blog via Manu, Sandra! It's lovely! Manu - those rum balls look delicious and so perfectly pretty! Fantastic guest post!

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  42. Great guest post! What a wonderful recipe. I am so glad to have found Manu's blog and it is so fun to learn more about her.

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  44. Hello. And thank you at once for such an amazing web site. I'll be visiting it on a regular basis.


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